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Chinoiserie Wall Decor: Bringing Chinoiserie into Your Home

Chinoiserie is a classic decor style, based on European interpretations of traditional Chinese art and design. It first became popular during the early 18th century, when trade between the two continents began to flourish. Wealthy Europeans would import Eastern tapestry, art, and ceramics, using them to cultivate a unique, multi-cultural aesthetic in their homes. Today the style is popular across the globe. Chinoiserie can transform any room into a calming, serene space.

Characterized by floral and nature pattern motifs, with a bold earth tone palette, this style embraces the ornate. Decorating rooms with various adornments and accessories, with assorted patterns and tones, will create the layered detail that Chinoiserie calls for.  

chinoiserie wall art

Indigold XII by Lisa Audit

Bringing Luxury to Laundry: Sprucing Up Your Laundry Room

Laundry isn’t usually number one on anyone’s preferred list of things to do. While doing the laundry is more of a have-to than a want-to, that doesn’t mean your laundry space can’t be as beautiful and full of personality as the rest of your home. In fact, it may be the most important area to add a little pizazz, so the time spent there is more enjoyable. There are many things to consider when sprucing up your laundry room. 

Design a Gallery Wall to Add Character to Any Room

Spring is the time for cleaning out your home and giving it a fresh new look. There are lots of spring designs and trends out there. But a design element that we are excited about is adding a gallery wall to spruce up or personalize a room in your home. 

Gallery walls can be incorporated into any room and can be designed in a variety of sizes. A thoughtfully laid out gallery wall is a fun way to express your unique style and personality. 

You might be thinking: I love this idea. But I can barely hang one picture straight let alone a whole collection! No problem. We have you covered! After you finish reading about how to design your new gallery wall, check out our DIY tutorial on how to hang a framed art gallery

What is Grandmillennial Design and How to Incorporate it into Your Home

Grandmillennial design has seen a recent surge but is by no means a new trend. Sometimes called granny chic, this style of decorating your home mixes antique and vintage pieces with modern accents. Blending modern and contemporary styles creates a unique, comfortable, as well as relaxing environment in your home.

There are a variety of ways to tap into this nostalgic and fresh design. Selecting vintage furniture, combining neutral and pastel color schemes, incorporating fabrics with bold patterns that mirror the color scheme of the room are just a few suggestions for those looking to style their home granny chic.  

An easy way to bring grandmillennial design into your home is to add framed art into different rooms. 

Geometric Art – Inspire a Modern Touch with Geometric Wall Art

What you hang on your walls says a lot about you. The art style you choose reflects your taste, your thoughts, and even your favorite historical periods. Impressionist paintings reveal as much as framed playbills. This is why many decorators choose a stylishly neutral approach with modern design. Since the Mod movement of the 1960s with sleek minimalism as well as clean white designs, modern art has focused on a striking and abstract style. Here’s how you can inspire a modern touch using geometric art.

Wanderlust Art – Exploring the Globe with Inspiring Framed Art

Defined as a strong desire to travel and explore the world, wanderlust is a sensation that is more than just a passing curiosity. But rather, it’s more like a motivating force that drives and inspires one to seek adventure and discover new places. It comes from the German words wandern (‘to hike’) and lust (‘desire’). And literally means the love of hiking. But generally describes an intense feeling or inner longing to journey to places unknown and new.

The feeling of wanderlust has perhaps never been so commonly felt as it is in today’s world. While travel bans have been enforced and staying at home as well as practicing social distancing has become the norm. Luckily, however, it’s still possible to keep your dreams of travel and adventure alive with inspiring framed art that captures the spirit of wanderlust! Read on to explore some creative and unique ways to express wanderlust through art in your home or space.

Light at the End of the Tunnel: Pantone’s 2021 Colors of the Year

Pantone’s color experts travel the globe looking at color.  They synthesize art, fashion, and socio-economic influences to arrive at a color that reflects the upcoming year’s creative mood. For the first time, Pantone selected two colors for their 2021 color of the year. Unlike the blues and corals of the past two years, 2021’s colors are Ultimate Gray and Illuminating (yellow).  


The two colors represent the yin and yang of the new year. Individually, they bring a sense of strength and a feeling of optimism. Combined, they reflect life’s ebb and flow. They illustrate the resilience of the human spirit that continues to see the light at the end of any tunnel. Why not show your resilience by bringing Pantone’s 2021 colors into your living space?

Redecorating for the New Year!

It’s time to press the Reset Button. If you’re like most of us, you’re ready to kiss 2020 goodbye, and start over with a fresh new year. One way you can create a visual symbol of this fresh start is by redecorating with new framed art! Let’s explore some different styles, and make 2021 beautiful.

new year

Living Room Art Perfect for a Cozy Holiday

You may have delicious snacks, a crackling fire, and hoppin’ holiday music. But living room art is what really takes the coziness to the next level. Since many of us will be staying home for the holidays, it’s more important than ever to create a joyful holiday environment. We can do this in our own living room with framed living room art! In this post, we’ll highlight some of our favorite holiday art for a comfy, holiday home!

living room art

Spooky Art Beyond Halloween

Some people like decorating and redecorating for specific holidays. But holidays like Halloween? They come and go so quickly! Or do they…

Holiday decor always presents a unique challenge. How do you decorate for a holiday in a way that you don’t have to re-decorate the morning after? Holloween art can be especially tricky, since the art of the holiday is often so on-the-nose. But rather than hanging framed photos of haunted houses and skeletons, there’s a more subtle way to decorate for Halloween. Here are some great framed art pieces that you can leave up all year round.

halloween art