Month: June 2019

Photography Art Celebrating Summer

It’s finally official… summer is here! And nothing encompasses the carefree days and nights of summer like photography art. Framed photography captures the joy of warm summer days so uniquely. So on those less-sunny days, or if you’re stuck inside, it’s nice to have some reminders of the dog days of summer on your wall. Check out some of our favorite summer photography art below!

photography art

Modern Pastel Art – Sophistication and Grace

Modern pastel art emerged recently as a light, sophisticated trend in home decor. Once associated exclusively with nurseries and the occasional bathroom, pastel art branched out into kitchens, living rooms, and even the traditionally dark den.

As pastels moved from childish to contemporary, and the demand for modern pastel art rose to unprecedented levels. Here are some inspirational ideas for how to bring pastels into your favorite space!

pastel art

Going Shabby Chic: A Guide to Rustic Decor

Vintage. Rustic. Shabby Chic. These new trends in interior decorating boast a soft, feminine flair. If you’re embracing the barn-door-and-distressed-wood look of 2019, follow our guide and round out your shabby chic vibe with perfectly imperfect framed art! Find the perfect balance of cozy and cute by sticking within these four inspirational categories.

shabby chic