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Eugene Boudin, Happy Summer Birthday!

If you missed Eugene Boudin’s birthday on July 12th, don’t fret. He was actually born in 1824 and isn’t around to receive your birthday greetings! We’re still celebrating, though, because the French-born impressionist Eugene Boudin created art perfect for summer! Get ready for some sailboats, beach scenes, and some great gift ideas for someone in your life who is still around to have a birthday celebration!

eugene boudin

Expressionist Art: Time to Feel Your Feelings

Self-expression may be pretty popular right now, but it’s far from a new idea. In fact, the “Express Yourself” movement, among artists at least, started early on in the 20th century, if not before. The artists of the Expressionist era were all about feeling your feelings, even the uncomfortable ones. Expressionist art isn’t afraid to distort reality or use a ton of paint for the sake of emotion.

If we’re being totally fair, you can find emotionally expressive art in every single artistic era (after all, it’s what artists do best!) But the official expressionists were a special group. We’ll highlight a few in this post.

Expressionist Art

New Year New Art!

It’s a new year… in fact, it’s a whole new decade! And you know what that means… it’s time to refresh your walls for some new art! Rejuvenating your framed art collection can seem like an ambitious… and intimidating… task. It doesn’t have to be! Learn how to follow your tastes and find art that brings you joy. This year, dedicate yourself to the task of filling your home with happiness, and beautiful framed art!

framed art

Holiday Art: It’s Time to Go All-In

When it comes to Holiday Art this season, we are 100% all-in. During some of the other holiday seasons, we can get on board with the more subtle, less on-the-nose decoration ideas. But when the end of the year rolls around, it’s time for a complete art makeover. We believe in investing in holiday framed art, and we’re going to tell you why.

holiday art

2019 Rohrer New Venture Competition & Expo: Event Recap was honored to be a part of the Rohrer New Venture Competition at Rowan University, and we’re ready to give a recap of this exciting event!

The Center for Entrepreneurship at Rowan hosts a variety of competitions and programs throughout the year. This gives student start-ups the opportunity to learn from other business owners, as well as a chance to earn seed money for their new venture!

The 2019 New Venture Competition and Expo was an enlightening event, shining a spotlight on the art and entrepreneurial ideas of budding business students. Scroll down for results and images from the competition!

Rowan University

Green Art: From St. Patrick to Spring!

We’re approaching the time of is year that makes us THINK GREEN. Installing Green Art is the best way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, renew your interior space, and usher in the season of spring.

The color green signifies growth, renewal, and cleanliness. It also has special properties that have an impact on our mood and our energy. Read more to discover how green art can transform your home and refresh your attitude at the same time!

green art

Holiday Hosting with Framed Kitchen Art

A fire crackles in the fireplace, and Sinatra’s holiday classics flow smoothly from your speakers. Your home is ready for holiday hosting. The only thing missing? The perfect holiday kitchen art to get you and your guests in a festive mood.

Have you ever noticed that your kitchen becomes a popular hangout during holiday gatherings? The warm lighting and inviting smells often lure guests in the direction of your cooking space. Make your space more inviting with framed holiday art.

holiday art

Posters are the Perfect Holiday Gift

Posters are a simple yet delightfully effective way to decorate any space. Posters are cost-effective, colorful, and help show off the owner’s personality. For a while now, posters have held the reputation as a dorm room staple. All of that is about to change. No matter who is on your holiday shopping list, consider finding each person the perfect poster. You’ll be giving a gift they’ll be proud to display.

Tree Art and the Health Benefits of Green

Tree art is a timeless, classic choice for wall decor in any space, as and for good reason. People have been attracted to tree art as long as there have been trees… so, since forever. The random and organic yet familiar pattern of tree branches reminds us of life and growth. Rooms decorated with tree art have a certain vitality that invigorates anyone who walks in.

But there’s another reason that people love the look and feel of trees, and it’s a reason that not everyone is even aware of. Tree art has a secret to its success, and whether it likes it or not, we’re telling!

Tree Art