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Chinoiserie Wall Decor: Bringing Chinoiserie into Your Home

Chinoiserie is a classic decor style, based on European interpretations of traditional Chinese art and design. It first became popular during the early 18th century, when trade between the two continents began to flourish. Wealthy Europeans would import Eastern tapestry, art, and ceramics, using them to cultivate a unique, multi-cultural aesthetic in their homes. Today the style is popular across the globe. Chinoiserie can transform any room into a calming, serene space.

Characterized by floral and nature pattern motifs, with a bold earth tone palette, this style embraces the ornate. Decorating rooms with various adornments and accessories, with assorted patterns and tones, will create the layered detail that Chinoiserie calls for.  

chinoiserie wall art

Indigold XII by Lisa Audit

Bringing Luxury to Laundry: Sprucing Up Your Laundry Room

Laundry isn’t usually number one on anyone’s preferred list of things to do. While doing the laundry is more of a have-to than a want-to, that doesn’t mean your laundry space can’t be as beautiful and full of personality as the rest of your home. In fact, it may be the most important area to add a little pizazz, so the time spent there is more enjoyable. There are many things to consider when sprucing up your laundry room. 

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Unique Wall Art Holiday Gift Guide

Mothers are darlings. Their love, care, and dedication are beyond description. Even if we spent the rest of our lives appreciating them, it wouldn’t match the sacrifice and commitment they put in to make us who we are today. Nonetheless, Mother’s Day is an excellent opportunity to express our gratitude and honor towards these amazing individuals. Even though most mothers will receive your gift with a ‘you don’t have to do this’ remark, they sure do appreciate them.

Unique Wall Art Gifts for Mother’s Day

Need ideas for thoughtful and memorable gifts for Mother’s Day? Here is a quick guide on some unique wall art gifts for Mother’s Day.

Design a Gallery Wall to Add Character to Any Room

Spring is the time for cleaning out your home and giving it a fresh new look. There are lots of spring designs and trends out there. But a design element that we are excited about is adding a gallery wall to spruce up or personalize a room in your home. 

Gallery walls can be incorporated into any room and can be designed in a variety of sizes. A thoughtfully laid out gallery wall is a fun way to express your unique style and personality. 

You might be thinking: I love this idea. But I can barely hang one picture straight let alone a whole collection! No problem. We have you covered! After you finish reading about how to design your new gallery wall, check out our DIY tutorial on how to hang a framed art gallery

Geometric Art – Inspire a Modern Touch with Geometric Wall Art

What you hang on your walls says a lot about you. The art style you choose reflects your taste, your thoughts, and even your favorite historical periods. Impressionist paintings reveal as much as framed playbills. This is why many decorators choose a stylishly neutral approach with modern design. Since the Mod movement of the 1960s with sleek minimalism as well as clean white designs, modern art has focused on a striking and abstract style. Here’s how you can inspire a modern touch using geometric art.

Eugene Boudin, Happy Summer Birthday!

If you missed Eugene Boudin’s birthday on July 12th, don’t fret. He was actually born in 1824 and isn’t around to receive your birthday greetings! We’re still celebrating, though, because the French-born impressionist Eugene Boudin created art perfect for summer! Get ready for some sailboats, beach scenes, and some great gift ideas for someone in your life who is still around to have a birthday celebration!

eugene boudin

Expressionist Art: Time to Feel Your Feelings

Self-expression may be pretty popular right now, but it’s far from a new idea. In fact, the “Express Yourself” movement, among artists at least, started early on in the 20th century, if not before. The artists of the Expressionist era were all about feeling your feelings, even the uncomfortable ones. Expressionist art isn’t afraid to distort reality or use a ton of paint for the sake of emotion.

If we’re being totally fair, you can find emotionally expressive art in every single artistic era (after all, it’s what artists do best!) But the official expressionists were a special group. We’ll highlight a few in this post.

Expressionist Art

New Year New Art!

It’s a new year… in fact, it’s a whole new decade! And you know what that means… it’s time to refresh your walls for some new art! Rejuvenating your framed art collection can seem like an ambitious… and intimidating… task. It doesn’t have to be! Learn how to follow your tastes and find art that brings you joy. This year, dedicate yourself to the task of filling your home with happiness, and beautiful framed art!

framed art

Holiday Art: It’s Time to Go All-In

When it comes to Holiday Art this season, we are 100% all-in. During some of the other holiday seasons, we can get on board with the more subtle, less on-the-nose decoration ideas. But when the end of the year rolls around, it’s time for a complete art makeover. We believe in investing in holiday framed art, and we’re going to tell you why.

holiday art