Spring Wall Art Trends

From nature to neon, these art trends can make any house feel like a home.

 Spring is a special season. Emerging from the hibernation of winter, the days are getting longer and it’s a season to feel inspired. The season of the infamous “spring cleaning” is a great time to clean out the old and usher in the new. If you are feeling inspired to redecorate your space, or spice up your existing décor with a few new pieces, these are the spring art trends that can freshen up any space!

Animal portraits

 Animals are on-trend for spring. They make a great, unexpected statement in any space. Inspiring and comical, animals make a great subject for wall art. Whether you are looking for a photograph that portrays their majesty or a fun painting that shows off their silliness, there are lots of ways to include animal art prints in your interior design plans.

Framed Saharan Cheetah I by Annie Warren

Artwork: Saharan Cheetah I by Annie Warren

Light it up with neon 

Known for its use in commercial spaces, neon is having a moment in interior design, and it’s not going away any time soon. Neon pieces are a bold way to make a statement without over-complicating your space. Incorporating neon signs in your framed art is a fun way to make a bold statement with your art. You can choose a simple graphic subject, or play up nostalgia by choosing photographs of old neon signs.

Historic El Cortez Hotel neon sign, Freemont Street, Las Vegas

Historic El Cortez Hotel neon sign, Freemont Street, Las Vegas

Bring the outdoors inside with landscape art

 Traveling the world has been a challenge the last couple of years, so what should you do when you can’t go out and see all the sights? Bring the sights to you! Landscapes are one of spring’s hottest art trends. Landscape art can transform a space and usher in some natural peace. Choose pieces that remind you of your favorite vacation or where you grew up. Or if you’re dreaming of a tropical paradise or majestic mountain that you have never been to before, bring your travel dreams to you with your framed art!

Bellagio Promenade by Howard Behrens

Bellagio Promenade by Howard Behrens

Art with a personal connection

Most of us have spent more time at home recently, and because of that, we want to create spaces that feel safe and inspiring. Art is deeply personal, and one of the biggest art trends right now is finding pieces that speak to you. Create a space that you love coming home to by decorating with wall art that fits your design aesthetic and choose pieces that you really love!


Framed Farm Road by Nathan Larson

Farm Road by Nathan Larson


Return to Nature

Incorporating natural elements in your interior design is very on-trend right now. We want to feel connected to nature, and one way to do that is by incorporating sculptures that portray shapes and objects found in nature. Sculptures made of earthy materials like terracotta or porous rock are a great way to ground your space in natural elements that are both comforting and inspiring. Showcase nature in your wall art by choosing pieces that feature plants, animals, and the great outdoors!


Framed Eucalyptus II Cool by Danhui Nai

Eucalyptus II Cool by Danhui Nai


Add pops of purple

Very Peri is the color of the year and it is reflective of the times we are living in. Full of transition, leaving behind isolation and moving forward into a brighter future where we have merged with our digital lives in new ways. Very Peri inspires creativity and confidence as we step bravely into our next chapters and continue writing our stories. As the color of the year, Very Peri is everywhere in the spring décor trends. If you want to infuse your home with courage and hope for the future, you want to add purple hues to your wall art.

Framed Something Greater by Justin Copeland

Something Greater by Justin Copeland

Embrace the power of spring and use the season of rebirth to breathe new life into your design. Whether it’s new nature wall art, playful animal art prints, or adding pops of purple, choose pieces that speak to you. Have fun with these spring 2022 art trends and create a space that you love coming home to!