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Photography Art from Around the World

Some people love to travel, but our favorite people like to travel with a lens! Photography art from around the world acts as an incredible gift for those who can’t travel as much themselves. Whether you don’t have the time, the funding, or the ability to travel, photography art makes you feel like you’ve been around the world and back! Here are some of our favorite framed photographs from every corner of the earth.

photography art

Mountain Art Reaches New Heights

They say you are either an ocean person, or a mountain person… but we think pretty much everyone is a mountain art person! Mountain art is big… it’s majestic… and looking at it inspires you to get outside and embark upon a new adventure. In this post we’ll highlight some of our favorite mountain photographs, and give you some insight into the mountains they feature.

mountain art

Presidents Day Art: Who Wore it Best?

Presidents Day doesn’t seem to have much to do with the Oscars, right? Wrong. The red carpet dominated social media last night, and everyone wanted to see who wore what best. Today, the Oscars are history, but we’re going to go back a bit further in our “Who Wore it Best?” competition. We’re talking about presidents. And we’re talking about paint. Unconventional? Sure. But it’s going to be fun! Because the photos that came out of Hollywood last night are already yesterday’s news… but classical renderings of America’s presidents? Yeah, those are sticking around.


Passionate Bedroom Art: The Perfect Gift

Roses wilt and chocolates are eaten, but passionate bedroom art lasts forever! This Valentine’s Day, consider giving your special someone a gift that truly represents how you feel. After all, there’s nothing more depressing than the weeks after Valentine’s day, when the flowers slowly die! Your love grows stronger and more vibrant every day, and like a good work of art, it doesn’t fade. Take a look at these passionate bedroom art pieces, and find something that will remind your favorite person that you love them today, and every day.

passionate bedroom

Art to Honor Martin Luther King Jr.

Today is a day dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr., a man who fought for civil rights, against all opposition. Arguably the most influential figure in American race relations in history, it’s hard to find just one image to honor and memorialize Martin Luther King Jr. In this post, we’ll take a look at his life, and some of the most iconic images that captured his amazing work.

martin luther king jr

Pantone Color of the Year: Classic Blue

New year, new blue! Today, we’re here to dive into the bright and vibrant Pantone color of the year: Classic Blue. We have to admit: we’re big fans. The color blue has naturally calming properties already, and this shade is especially serene. This post will highlight some of our favorite blue art, and try to convince you to flood your home with more blue this year!

pantone blue

Holiday Gift Guide: Wall Art Edition

Who is harder to shop for? The middle-aged man who has everything, the teenaged girl who has everything, or the toddler boy who has everything? We know, we know, it’s a trick question. They are all hard to shop for! But don’t worry, the tricks are over. Because wall art is the perfect solution!

Wall art is the perfectly customizable, accessible gift that literally anyone can appreciate (yes, even the toddler. We have literally thousands of framed dinosaur pieces!) So don’t stress! Follow this holiday gift guide, and make this the Framed Art Christmas everyone will remember!

wall art

BLACK FRIDAY is coming!

BLACK FRIDAY is coming! How do you prep for the biggest shopping day of the year? Allow us to suggest a simple, 5-step process. Follow this ritual and you’ll feel limbered up and ready for the big day. (You might also cut your stress level in half!)

Black Friday

Framed Art Holiday Gift Guide

Framed art pieces deliver more than just a checkmark off your holiday gift list. This year, give your favorite people the gift of emotion. Framed Art possesses the ability to evoke so many different emotions. What’s better (or more memorable) than an emotional gift? Let us help you take the stress out of holiday giving!

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