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Autumn Art and Fall Colors!

It’s time for pumpkin spice and everything nice… and that includes autumn art! We love pretty much everything about fall. If any season deserves some designated art to really get into that comfy, cozy, autumn mood, it’s this one! There’s so much to love, it was hard to choose our favorite landscapes, quotes, still lifes and animal prints… but that’s exactly what we did! Scroll down to see the winners of our very unofficial rating system, and browse the gallery for more!

autumn art

Panoramic Art Every Way from Entryway to Hallway

Panoramic art broadens our perspective. There’s something illuminating about framed art bringing us beyond the typical barriers of a frame. Panoramic art often features landscapes or city skylines, but the scope of subjects stretches far beyond that. In this post, we’ll showcase our favorite panoramic art. We’ll also talk about the perfect place to hang these oversized masterpieces, from entryway to hallway and so much more.

panoramic art

Dog Art: Teach Your Old Decor New Tricks

Once a year, we take to the blog to honor dogs with stunning dog art, and equally surprising dog stories! We hope you enjoy these creative depictions of man’s best friend. We’ll include the year’s best canine tales in between! Dog art and dog stories are a perfect way to say goodbye to the dog days of summer!

dog art

Kids Room Art Created to De-Stress

It’s their room. It’s their sanctuary. Kids need a safe, calm space to themselves now more than ever. Kids room art helps create that peace, and that safety. Give your kid the gift of calming bedroom decor in a world of chaos! Finding the perfect kids room art for your kid is easier than you think! Here are a few tips.

kids room art

Harlem Jazz and the Art of Equity

We’re celebrating Christmas in July this week, but we get it. You’re not actually going to re-hang your stockings and get that mistletoe back into action. As an alternative, we recommend playing a different kind of music, and decorating with some Harlem Jazz art! This post will explore our favorite Harlem Jazz art from saxophones to lead singers. And just a hint: even though you leave the stockings put away, we argue that it’s never a bad time for a good Christmas cookie!

harlem jazz

Tree Art – Decor that Branches Out

Tree art blossoms in as many different forms as the trees they depict. We’re entering into a long-awaited Spring season. But tree art from every season provides a beautiful representation of nature that you can hang on the walls of your home or business. We’re going to begin with spring, and then walk through a forest of our favorite tree art from every season.

tree art

Photography Art from Around the World

Some people love to travel, but our favorite people like to travel with a lens! Photography art from around the world acts as an incredible gift for those who can’t travel as much themselves. Whether you don’t have the time, the funding, or the ability to travel, photography art makes you feel like you’ve been around the world and back! Here are some of our favorite framed photographs from every corner of the earth.

photography art

Mountain Art Reaches New Heights

They say you are either an ocean person, or a mountain person… but we think pretty much everyone is a mountain art person! Mountain art is big… it’s majestic… and looking at it inspires you to get outside and embark upon a new adventure. In this post we’ll highlight some of our favorite mountain photographs, and give you some insight into the mountains they feature.

mountain art