Month: September 2019

Animal Art for World Animal Day!

Friday, October 4 marks this year’s World Animal Day! There are many ways you can celebrate the “holiday”… by attending local events, volunteering, donating, or just hugging your furry friends extra tight. But we have another option… celebrate World Animal Day with some awesome Animal Art! Animal art is almost as creative and beautiful as animals themselves, and it’s a great way to honor an animal you love, or the incredible animals around the world!

animal art

Panoramic Images: Finding the Perfect Spot!

Panoramic images capture a perspective unlike any other! They also fill spaces in your home that other framed art just can’t fill. We love panoramic images because of their unique dimensions. And though sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect frame for the uncommon panoramic size, has you covered with a variety of frame options! Let’s take a look at some of our favorite panoramic images, and talk about the perfect location to hang.

panoramic images

Still Life Art That Will Move You

It’s called still life art… but there’s more under the surface than you may think! People love still life art because of the depth and maturity its presence brings to any room. In this post, we’ll explore pieces on all sides of the spectrum of still life art, and talk about the artistic methods that bring these prints to life.

still life art