Month: December 2019

New Year New Art!

It’s a new year… in fact, it’s a whole new decade! And you know what that means… it’s time to refresh your walls for some new art! Rejuvenating your framed art collection can seem like an ambitious… and intimidating… task. It doesn’t have to be! Learn how to follow your tastes and find art that brings you joy. This year, dedicate yourself to the task of filling your home with happiness, and beautiful framed art!

framed art

Remembering 2019 Through Art

You may have big expectations for 2020, and we do, too! But let’s pause for a moment at the end of this year… and at the end of this decade… to remember the incredible things that have happened in 2019. And since we love going above and beyond (artistically speaking), we’ll even suggest some art pieces to remember them, too! So come with us and dive into the not-too-distant past to remember some of the biggest moments of the year 2019.

2019 art

Holiday Gift Guide: Wall Art Edition

Who is harder to shop for? The middle-aged man who has everything, the teenaged girl who has everything, or the toddler boy who has everything? We know, we know, it’s a trick question. They are all hard to shop for! But don’t worry, the tricks are over. Because wall art is the perfect solution!

Wall art is the perfectly customizable, accessible gift that literally anyone can appreciate (yes, even the toddler. We have literally thousands of framed dinosaur pieces!) So don’t stress! Follow this holiday gift guide, and make this the Framed Art Christmas everyone will remember!

wall art

Green Art for Green Monday!

The Green Monday sale is underway in the gallery! This means extra low prices that you can take advantage of without even leaving the couch. We love talking about environmentally friendly green initiatives, but you know what else we love? Green. Like, the color. As far as we’re concerned, green is one of the most underrated shades, and we’re going to tell you why.

green art

Jackson Pollock Art: Behind the Frame

Jackson Pollock art is famously elusive, eclectic… and really awesome. His chaotic splashes of color are some of the most widely recognized works of art on the planet. But most people don’t know much about the artist behind these famous works. We’re about to change that. In this post, we’ll dive deep into the mind of Jackson Pollock, the artistic brain behind the enormous splatters we have grown to love.

jackson pollock art