Month: January 2018

Framed Laundry Room Wall Art Brightens Your Day 

You spend untold hours every month, loading and unloading the washing machine and clothes dryer, not to mention ironing, folding and hanging the family’s clothing, towels, and linens. Why not bring some sunshine into your day with a fresh collection of framed laundry room art? Our curated collection will help you spruce things up in record time.


Miami Beach Artwork

Let’s kick it off with a quick trip to Miami Beach! Our selection of framed Miami art includes well over a hundred renderings in a wide range of styles. The gallery features an extensive selection of panoramic photographs of Miami and Miami Beach, with cityscapes, beach scenes, and many compositions that depict the region’s classic neon-lit hotels. Notable artists include Didier Lourenco, Maria Lobo, Marlene Watson, and Kimberly Allen, with photographs from Jerry Driendl and Fred Grams.

Here are ten of our favorite pieces of Miami Art:

Vespa in Miami by Didier Lourenco

This whimsical “Vespa in Miami” print is one of a handful of images by Didier Lourenco in our Miami Art gallery. A pair of tourists wowed by Miami Beach’s architecture, ride past the city’s most famous Art Deco hotels, while the occupants of a convertible in the next lane look aghast at the Vespa pilot’s inattention to the road ahead. If you’re a fan of Didier’s humorous style, you’ll be pleased to know that the gallery contains over eighty pieces of his artwork.

Dinosaur Artwork Sets for Kids Bedrooms

Kids of all ages love prehistoric creatures and the dinosaur artwork collection includes an ever-growing flock of whimsical illustrations in a wide range of styles. In this installment of the Gallery Tour Blog, we’ll dive into the archives in search of multiple image sets from of our favorite artists that produce dinosaur art for children. This tour highlights our website’s interactive custom framing and matting tool’s ability to mix and match materials and colors to every room’s decor. Clicking on the artist’s name will bring you to their complete collection while clicking on the artwork will bring you directly to that specific piece. You’ll find endless possibilities …

June Erica Vess

The Dinosaur artwork collection from June Erica Vess includes graphic illustrations of the ever-popular Stegosaurus, Triceratops, T-Rex, and Brontosaurus rendered with bright primary colors in a cartoon-like style. Her Playtime Dino series is equally fun with less vibrant colors and her playful Rub-A-Dub Dino series is ideal for display in a children’s bathroom.

Welcome to the Gallery Tour Blog

Welcome, friends and family! We’re launching a new Gallery Tour Blog for 2018 to add to your enjoyment of our ever-growing collection of artwork. With over two hundred thousand pieces of art in our collection, we know how much time it can be to find the perfect wall art for your home or business. We’ve had many requests for alternate ways to navigate our online galleries. These guided tours are just the beginning. To keep things rolling, we aim to post at least two gallery tours each week.

In the coming months, you’ll see a steady stream of blog posts that explore our collection. We’ll tackle the task topic-by-topic, artist-by-artist, and room-by-room to accommodate your needs. has grown steadily since its launch and we’re proud to be one of the Internet’s leading e-commerce art websites.

Our innovative frame-and-mat selection feature allows you choose the optimal finishing treatment for your framed artwork, with a fully interactive preview. This provides endless possibilities.

Let us know what you think!

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