Month: October 2019

Halloween Art That Isn’t Really Halloween Art

Holiday decor always presents a unique challenge. How do you decorate for a holiday in a way that you don’t have to re-decorate the morning after? Holloween art can be especially tricky, since the art of the holiday is often so on-the-nose. But rather than hanging framed photos of haunted houses and skeletons, there’s a more subtle way to decorate for Halloween. Here are some great framed art pieces that you can leave up all year round.

halloween art

Happy Birthday, Pablo Picasso!

This week, we celebrate an artist who contributed an incredible amount of creativity to the art world: Pablo Picasso. Picasso is arguably one of the most famous artists of all time, with widely recognizable art pieces in galleries around the world. (Why not hang one of those pieces in your own home??)

In this post, we’ll talk about the life and art of Pablo Picasso. Happy Birthday!

pablo picasso

River Art: Scenic Art Good for the Soul

There are few images more calming, or more invigorating, than the river. From Ansel Adams to Van Gogh, artists use a variety of mediums to depict rivers, and all that they carry along with them. In this post, we’ll explore all of our favorite river art, and also talk about the different metaphors artists have employed with the image of a river.

river art