Month: May 2019

Hanging Framed Art After Moving

It’s moving season! Every spring, the housing market ramps up, and everyone from college students to growing families to retirees looks for a new place to call home. And what’s the first thing you do when you move into a new house? Decorate the walls, of course! Nothing makes a house (or an apartment, or a dorm room) feel more like home than framed art. But where to start? Which walls to choose? Consider this post your ultimate guide to hanging wall art after a big move.


Beach Art: Making a Lake House a Home

Beach art invites people to kick back, relax, and enjoy the rhythm of the waves… even if you’re not on the water! The beach brings back so many strong, nostalgic memories of summers past. Decorate any room or space with beach art, and get ready for the smell of summer! Lake homes and cottages are often lucky enough to host depictions of water scenes on their walls. But beach art is a great choice for other spaces as well! Read more about the various themes of beach art, and get ready for the warm memories of the water to wash over you.

beach art

Behind the Frame: Salvador Dali

Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dali i Domenech, or as we know him, Salvador Dali, arrived on May 11, 1904. To celebrate his birthday, we created a post about his life, highlighting some of his mindblowing surrealist art. Dali wasn’t the only surrealist artist of his day; he joined the movement because of the influence of Rene Magritte and Joan Miro during his visits to Paris in the 1920s. But Dali created such imaginative, colorful works that he remains the poster child for surrealism to this day.

salvador dali

Star Wars Art: May the 4th be With You

May the 4th is National Star Wars Day! To celebrate, we recommend that you re-watch the original trilogy, hug your droids extra tight, and add a few pieces of Star Wars art to your collection!

From movie posters, to photography, to artistic renderings of the Star Wars universe, Star Wars art inspires powerful feelings of nostalgia, as ignites the imagination. Here are a few of our favorite pieces of Star Wars art, along with some trivia!

star wars art