Hanging Framed Art After Moving

It’s moving season! Every spring, the housing market ramps up, and everyone from college students to growing families to retirees looks for a new place to call home. And what’s the first thing you do when you move into a new house? Decorate the walls, of course! Nothing makes a house (or an apartment, or a dorm room) feel more like home than framed art. But where to start? Which walls to choose? Consider this post your ultimate guide to hanging wall art after a big move.


Hanging Wall Art: Where

You’re considering where you should hang art in your new home, and the blank walls seem overwhelming. We get it! You can’t put art on every inch of wall space, so how do you narrow down which walls to decorate? Here are a few tips that will help you as you embark on the task of hanging new art.

  1. Everyone looks over the fireplace. Hang a large piece of art, or a grouping of framed art pieces over the fireplace. This helps give your space a clear focal point.
  2. Go big on your biggest walls. This may go without saying, but small framed art pieces look out of place on large, blank walls. Choose a large, canvas art piece to fill up the wall. Or, create a “gallery,” and hang a number of pieces that have a single theme.
  3. Take a walk around your new place, and pay attention to the spaces that attract your eye. It’s natural to look at the walls of a hallway, or, like we said before, the space above the fireplace. Take note of where your eyes naturally come to rest, and consider satisfying your gaze with framed art in that very location.


Hanging Art: What

Now that you know where you want to hang new wall art, it’s time to decide what art you want to showcase! Here are some popular choices:

  1. Classical Artists: Some people just love the old school artists. Artists from Michaelangelo to Monet are still popular choices for framed wall art. Browse our classical wall art and see if anything catches your eye!
  2. Photography: Photographs, especially black and white photography, remain a great choice of wall decor. This is your opportunity to create a gallery! Choose a number of different photographs and arrange them however you want!
  3. Bold Floral Art: The intricate lines and bright colors of floral art really catch your eye! You can find floral art in literally any color and size! Consider floral art for an entryway, or in the bedroom.


Don’t miss a chance to decorate your new home with framed art that makes you feel comfortable and energized! Moving is hard, so it’s ok to take your time deciding where and what you want to hang on your walls. Find inspiration on our Decor Ideas page! The possibilities are truly endless. Happy moving!