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Framed Photos – Turning Your Beautiful Photos into Framed Art

Framed wall art has been an interior design staple for decades. It’s easy to see why these pieces never go out of style. Each print can be customized in dozens of ways, including selecting the right print, choosing the proper frame color, shape, design, as well as picking out the piece’s finish. Finding just the right art for your home can be difficult, however. Your space should feel personal and comfortable — hunting down the art that perfectly matches your vibe is almost impossible. Luckily, with the My Framed Photos service, getting a custom piece for your home is easier than ever before.

My Framed Photos

How to Effortlessly Incorporate Mirrors Into Your Home Decor

Are you obsessed with mirrors? We are! Believe it or not, they can be your best friend when it comes to creating a beautiful house with little effort. They fill empty spots without being overbearing, they help you make the most of your available space and natural light, and hey, it is always good to be able to check out your appearance when you need to! Mirrors are crucial in your home decor, but how exactly should you use them? Here are four tips for using mirrors to decorate your home.

framed mirrors in living room

Five Inspirational Wall Hangings to Make Your House a Home

What turns a house into a home? What makes a living space a place where people can flourish and grow? A lot of it has to do with what you put in that space. After all, we tend to become what we see. Thus, if you wish to be an inspiration to others, you must fill your home with things that inspire you. Thankfully, Framed Art has your back! Our collection of inspirational wall hangings is more than enough to meet your needs. Here are a few of our favorites.

inspiration framed wall art

What You Need to Know About Japandi Wall Decor

Japandi Art has taken the world by storm….a quiet, serene, simplistic storm, that is. It is a loving combination of the simplistic yet rustic design from Scandinavia with the calming, minimalistic artistry from Japan. The fusion of these two styles, from opposite ends of the globe, combine offering clean lines, a natural color palette, as well as a soothing contemporary feel. Understanding the elements of the Japandi style makes it easier to incorporate into your home or office without effort.

japandi framed wall art

Six Artists to Showcase for Hispanic Heritage Month

Summer is drawing to a close and Autumn is nearly underway. This means that it is time for pumpkin spice lattes and oversized sweaters… and even more importantly, it is time to start thinking about how to celebrate Hispanic heritage month! September 15 – October 15 is a special time set aside to remember everything that Hispanic culture and history have given us. If you are wondering where to start, our framed art collection has your back. You can spruce up your decor for Fall and give your Hispanic heritage a well-deserved place in your home at the same time. Celebrate Hispanic heritage month by showcasing some of the greatest Hispanic artists of all time!

The Flower Vendor by Diego Rivera

Finding Art for Small Spaces: Maximizing Your Space with Art

Just because you live in a small apartment, have a small office, or have one or more small rooms where you live, you do not have to sacrifice displaying art in these spaces. Art not only displays what you like, but it also shows who you are.  It can create drama. Contrasting or complementing your decorating style and can even create an illusion of a larger space. Make decorating with art for small spaces easy! Here’s a list of tips we’ve put together to help you start.

Happy Birthday Edgar Degas!

July 19 marks the birthday of renown artist, Edgar Degas.  And we feel like celebrating!  Though Degas was considered one of the founders of the impressionist movement, he preferred to be called realist over impressionist.  He sometimes poked fun at the impressionist artists of the 19th century who set up their easels outdoors so they could capture the sunlight on their subjects. Degas preferred working indoors in his studio, catching fleeting moments of modern life.  He adored the mystique created by art and was quoted as saying, “A painting requires a little mystery, some vagueness, some fantasy.  When you always make your meaning perfectly plain, you end up boring people.’

Framed Self Portrait of Edgar Degas

Self portrait, 1855 by Edgar Degas

Americana Decor: Incorporating Framed Art into a Historical Home Design

There is probably no home decor style more historical and patriotic than Americana. But Americana decor isn’t just about flags and mixing up a bunch of red, white, and blue. It is a timeless celebration of our traditions and geography. In fact, it never goes out of style because it is rooted in our culture and history. It is also about family, patriotism, values, as well as diversity. 

From farmhouses to cowboys to Native Americans, Americana decor will allow you to display pride in the past, no matter what your history is. Other types of Americana might be nautical, primitive, or even the classic, fun styles of the 1950s.

A home decorated with the American flag, showing a concept of incorporating Americana decor.

Upgrade Your Bathroom: Wall Décor Ideas and Design Tips

Nothing beats the feeling of soaking in a tub of warm water after a long day of work. Even better, a bathroom with beautiful wall décor instantly lifts your mood. Just as you spend time finding the right décor for your living room walls, you should do so for your bathroom walls as well. There are several bathroom wall art styles in the market to suit every taste and preference.

Bathroom wall art

Your Father’s Day Gift Guide: Six Unique Pieces of Wall Art

Father’s Day is upon us once again. Dads aren’t the easiest to shop for, however. While every man’s tastes are different, finding the perfect Father’s Day gift to suit dad’s personality can be a true balancing act. This year, break free from the usual cycle of Father’s Day gift of ties/tools/gift cards and get him something unique that compliments his tastes and adds to the quality of his life. Here are six unique pieces of framed art crafted to meet a wide variety of fatherly tastes.

Family hanging a framed wall art on the wall, given to their dad as a Father's day gift.