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Happy Birthday, Georgia O’Keeffe!

We’re really into celebrating birthdays around here… because we all need more to celebrate, right? This week, it’s Georgia O’Keeffe! Georgia O’Keeffe created one of the most beautiful and vibrant bodies of floral artwork we have. In her honor, we want to dedicate this blog post to Georgia O’Keeffe paintings, and the perfect flower pairings for them! The best way to round out the look and feel of a room is to grow a real, living organism that matches your framed wall art! Get excited. We’re excited.

Georgia O'Keeffe

Happy Birthday, Claude Monet!

Claude Monet remains the king of outdoor scenery. For his birthday, we wanted to dedicate a post to famous Claude Monet art. But we also wanted to fill this post with great ideas for outdoor activities before the weather takes a turn in many parts of the country! Enjoy this post of art-inspired outside activities! And don’t forget to consider some of the art featured in this post, since our fair-weathered days are numbered!

claude monet

Winter Art: Peace and Serenity

As the autumn winds down and we enter into winter, winter art provides the calm, peaceful, serene landscapes we all need right now. Winter art has the advantage of matching a wide variety of decoration styles and color schemes. Take a look at some of our favorites!

winter art

Spooky Art Beyond Halloween

Some people like decorating and redecorating for specific holidays. But holidays like Halloween? They come and go so quickly! Or do they…

Holiday decor always presents a unique challenge. How do you decorate for a holiday in a way that you don’t have to re-decorate the morning after? Holloween art can be especially tricky, since the art of the holiday is often so on-the-nose. But rather than hanging framed photos of haunted houses and skeletons, there’s a more subtle way to decorate for Halloween. Here are some great framed art pieces that you can leave up all year round.

halloween art

National Art Day! …and a Pablo Picasso Secret

October 25th marks National Art Day! This year, we need some good things to celebrate. Art is one of them. But that’s not the only special event that takes place on October 25th. It’s also the birthday of Pablo Picasso! And as a special birthday treat, we’ll share the surprising secret behind Picasso‘s infamous Blue Period. You’re going to love it.

pablo picasso

Framed Art: The Perfect Boss’s Day Gift!

It’s Boss’s Day, and your boss already has five new travel mugs on their desk. What do you do? Pick out the perfect framed art piece! If your boss has an office, and that office has walls, those walls need art. Here’s a guide for how to pick out the perfect piece of framed art for any kind of boss this Boss’s Day!

Boss's Day

Home Office Art is So Hot Right Now

Recently find yourself the proud owner of a new home office? You’re in good company. Whether you’re working with a posh setup or makeshift dividers in a common living space, you need to spruce up your space with some home office art! The perfect selection of home office art can make all the difference when you’re trying to do your best work from the comfort… or chaos… of your home! Let’s check out some of our favorite styles!

home office art

Autumn Art and Fall Colors!

It’s time for pumpkin spice and everything nice… and that includes autumn art! We love pretty much everything about fall. If any season deserves some designated art to really get into that comfy, cozy, autumn mood, it’s this one! There’s so much to love, it was hard to choose our favorite landscapes, quotes, still lifes and animal prints… but that’s exactly what we did! Scroll down to see the winners of our very unofficial rating system, and browse the gallery for more!

autumn art