Gift Ideas for Christmas 2021

Shopping for someone special can be a challenge unless you have a few good ideas. Giving framed art is a great way to show you understand a loved one’s style and empower them to make a space of their own. Whether you’re giving art for a private bedroom, housewarming their new living room, or bringing life to a home office, we have a few great ideas to share. Check out these great collections of gift ideas for the whole family this Christmas 2021.

You’re sure to find some powerful art for him, beautiful art for her, and art for the whole family with framed gift ideas for kids, toddlers, and teens.

Framed Art gift ideas

For Her

Framed art breathes life and style into a space. If there’s a special lady in your life, she deserves a gift from the heart. Choose a piece or set that inspires her and reflects her unique inner style. Vintage prints make a powerful collection for women who love fashion and history. Many ladies love art that perfectly blends elegance with humor on their walls and their coffee cups. Paintings of dance, of family, and of majestic horses can all bring inspiration to the woman you love this Christmas 2021.

Framed Fashion Art

For Him

For a man in your life, framed art is the perfect balance between sentiment and style. It’s the gift that can be just perfect but “not too much” at the same time. Men like bold prints of real life and surreal reality. Show artistic pieces of his favorite sport and pastime and bold statements that reflect his personality. Portraits of his favorite musician are perfect for the music lover. Animals and images of the great outdoors are also perfect for the woodsman in your life. From Gone Fishin to Classic Cars to Surreal landscapes, you’re sure to find the perfect print For Him.

Framed Art Music Art

For Kids

Art brings the world to life for children, and kids love to hand pictures that match their current interests. Girls often adore inspirational pieces and bright colors that reflect their style and how they see themselves in the future. Boys love bold prints with interesting subjects like dinosaurs, robots, as well as funny phrases. Both boys and girls can go crazy for animal art and love prints in their favorite colors to complete their very personal bedroom design.

Framed wall art for children's room


For Toddlers

Little ones have so much to learn from their bedroom decoration. They love bright colors and favorite animals looking down from the walls. Toddlers have often been known to point at their favorite wall art and declare its name. It’s something they are proud to have recently learned. Art is also a great way to help young toddlers connect with the world around them – and to feel like their big-kid bedroom is truly theirs. Toddlers love simple prints with recognizable shapes, creatures, as well as colors they can interact with and learn to identify. Toddlers also like sets of prints that are the same, but enjoyably different.


For Teens

Teenagers are passionate about art. They often use wall decorations to define themselves, their style, and their space. Receiving the perfect print this Christmas 2021 to complete their bedroom can show a teenager that you not only care, but that you understand who they’re trying to be. Teenage boys like bold colors, strong contrast, as well as a heavy emphasis on their favorite subjects. Heavy paint of guitars and drum sets, oil paintings of extreme sports, or bold contrast music prints might be just what they will love most. Teenage girls are seeking inspiration and often design their bedrooms to be both beautiful and spiritually uplifting. When you understand a teenager’s style, you can gift them with the perfect piece of wall art.

Framed wall art for teenager

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone this Christmas 2021, is the perfect place to find something for everyone. With art in many different styles and subjects, you’re sure to find just the right piece of art for any family member or friend.