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Gift Ideas for Her

When looking for the perfect gift for your female friend, mother, sister, daughter or wife there are things that you need to consider. You should consider her individual tastes and her passions; this is a good starting point to help you pick out an incredible gift for her. But choosing that perfect gift for her can be challenging too, tastes and passions can be subtle and hard to spot.

Framed Gifts for Her

Gift Ideas for Women

Making the gift personal to her is a major factor in choosing that perfect gift for her. You will want to find out where she may place that piece of fine art work, which room it will be in, and the color and furniture patterns, so that you can match that frame and canvas print to that particular decor.

You will want to carefully match the finish of the frame with the wood and colors in the room, to make the piece of art work flow and compliment the room rather than stand out awkwardly. The print or canvas art should match the rooms color scheme and be a perfect blend. It should not contrast the colors already present; otherwise the painting will not fit in.

Matching the frame to the furniture is a critical step, this will make the piece fit in and look as though it was meant to be there from the start. A rich cherry color, or classic black will always work well.

If She Loves Flowers:

Flower art is art that never goes out of style, it is a lovely accent to any home and can be used year round. There is really no risk in giving a gift or an art print or canvas artwork with flowers. They are timeless and can be used year round in any type of setting, such as the bathroom, bedroom or kitchen.See more framed flower gifts!

Flower Art
Blue Blooming Garden
Pumpkin Poppies I
The White Calico Flower, 1931
Blossoming Almond Tree, Saint-Remy, c.1890
Vase of Flowers
Ribbons And Pearls
X-ray Royal Purple Parrot Tulip
Under the Sun I
Hatbox Tulips
Flourishing Meadow I
Magnolia Blossom Turquoise
Garden Love Letter II

If She Loves to Cook:


Cooking art never goes out of style and a contemporary piece or classic piece can add flare and elegance to her kitchen or dining room. When choosing an art piece in this genre, you can find a piece that mirrors what she loves to cook, such as baking. When you find that wonderful art that compliments her style it will last a lifetime. See more framed cooking art!

For the Delicious Baker
Three Lab Bakery
East Dessert First
Kitchen It! I
Cooking is Love
Retro Kitchen III - Just Roll With It
Tarte aux Cerises
Patisserie II
Parlor Ice Cream IV
Baking Sign I
Variety of Fancies
Cream Pies
Cherry Pie

Gift Ideas for Him
For the Fashionista
Haute Chapeau Rouge I
Parisienne Chic
Perfume - Mini
Beautiful Gaze I Neutral
High Heels Paris
Tuscany Vineyard I
The Red Umbrella
Swanky Shopper Gal
Rain London
Exotic Purse II - mini
For the Wine Fanatic
Summer Wine Celebration III
At the Winery I Black
Watercolor Wine I
Wine Labels II
Doodle Wine
Antique Corkscrew III Blue
Wine & You 2
Vino and Vin II
Two Labrador Wine Dogs
Martini Rossi
French Wine Label IV
Wine Collage I - mini
For the Coffee Lover
Boxer Coffee Co. v
Sunday Brunch
Cafe de Matin
Golden Dog Coffee Co.
Come For Coffee
Cream and Sugar II
Coffee Quote I
Flavors of France I
Cafe in Europe II
Gold Rooster
Retro Coffee II
Hospitality I
For the Horseback Rider
Spring Blizzard
Claire de Lune
Horse 1
The Dance
Champion Stock I
Horses in the Mist
Dark Eyes
Lepa Zena
Horse and Colt
The Lesson
For the New Mother
Three Ages of Woman - Mother and Child, c.1905 (detail panel)
Breakfast in Bed
Amor A Todas Horas
La Familia
Mother Says
Good Moms
Playing in the Water
Mother and Child, 1897
Mother and Child
Tides that Bind
All You Need is Mom
For the Hopeless Romantic
Kissing the War Goodbye, VJ Day, Times Square, August 14, 1945
The Kiss, c.1908
Paris Romance II
Dance Me to the End of Love
Speedbound Red (Marilyn Monroe & James Dean)
The First Kiss
Whisper (16 x 20)
Ravishment of Psyche
Firefly Glow I
Dance Me to the End of Love
Modern Couple in Paris
For the Woman Cave
Shoe Fetish Quotes IV Light
Les Parfum I
Perfume Bottle Sil.
Flinders I Vintage Crop
City Style Square I
Golden Lips
Postale  Paris I
Paris Blanc I
Leopard Shoe - mini
La Belle Noir
For the World Renowned Chef
The Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum, Arles, at Night, c.1888
Pates Baroni, 1921
Wild Rose Berries, c.1987
Le Chef Et Le Pain
Sliced Grapefruit
Sunlit Grapes
Bon Appetit II
Bessie's Creamery
Flavors Of Tuscany IV
Tuscany Vineyard II
Italian Chefs II
For the Avid Gardener
Garden Pond
The Artist's Garden in Argenteuil
Spring Invitation
The Waterlily Pond with the Japanese Bridge, 1899
The Artist's Garden at Giverny, c.1900
Arrosoirs de Collection
Flower Pots Left
The Artist's Garden at Vetheuil with Boy, c.1880
Herbs & Watering Can
Daubigny's garden, 1890
Shaded Patio
Flowers Pot
For the Creative Crafter
Samples II
Families are Like Quilts
Sewing Coloured
Quilters Are Warm People
Language of Painters - Van Gogh Quote
Sew Fine
Quilt Square 2
In Stitches
Floating Pencils
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