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Framed Art

About Our Framed Art

Each frame at FramedArt.com is crafted by our experts right from our New Jersey warehouse. We use top equipment and high-quality products when constructing the framed artwork to ensure the best quality at a fraction of retail prices. We offer a large variety of frames and mats from all different sizes and colors. Our selection of frames and mats allows customization for the desired art print so each piece is unique with your own style. Click here for instructions on how to hang framed art.

Framed Art Prints
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Choose Your Frame

Every print we sell at FramedArt.com is unique with individual style and colors. Not one frame could possibly look good with every print we offer. That is why we offer frame from a variety of different colors and thicknesses so our customers can find the perfect framed finish for their desired piece. Aside from the color and thickness, each frame option also has a unique texture and pattern which makes it easier to add texture to a simple art piece or compliment a complex piece with out taking over the image.

Click on the frame below to see all of the mouldings for that color:

Mat Options

All of the mats offered at FramedArt.com are ideal to compliment the framed artwork as well as to add a form of protection. Our vividly colored mats are pH neutral, acid free and expected to last over 75 years. Mats add a space between the print and glass of the frame which helps avoid damage from condensation. Mats are used to draw the eye's attention to the framed piece. Adding up to three of our vivid colored mats to your framed art print will comliment the finished piece.

Mat Artwork

When figuring what mat to add to the framed print, keep in mind that you can add up to three mats. You can choose the size of the top mat, and the size of the bottom mat will be default size. Adding more than one mat draws more attention to the frame and gives it dimension.

Click Here to read more details for our frame and mat options.

Framed Art with Mats

Glazing Options

Every little detail is important when choosing your frame down to what glass to use. Regular acrylic plexiglass is an alternative to traditional glass. Our acrylic glass options are more resistant to breaking as well as lightweight. Non-glare acrylic plexiglass is a glass we offer that has a surface which is slightly etched. This allows for the painting to be seen better by reducing the glare from direct light.

Framed Print

Standard glass is a regular glazing finish for framed pieces. It is a high-quality glass that is great for framed art.

Glass Options

Museum glass is a high-quality glazing that has amazing clarity. This glass has 99% UV protection and has minimal reflections from light. This is the perfect glass for pieces that will be directly under light and will help pieces remain like new for a longer amount of time.

Expert Craftsmanship

All of the framed artwork we sell at FramedArt.com is hand crafted for each specific order. Our expert framers use high-quality apparatus to create each and every frame. Every mat is measured out and cut based on the size of each print. All of the finished framed art that leaves our New Jersey warehouse is inspected to ensure perfection.

Expert Craftsmanship

We put time, effort and love into each framed piece we build and before the framed artwork is packed in a box to ship, it is checked to ensure that it is perfection. We know our customers will love their finished products. All of our framed art pieces come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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