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About Our Art Prints

FramedArt.com offers a wide variety of art prints from many different styles and categories. Our art prints are either printed right here in our New Jersey warehouse, or supplied by top publishers. All of our art prints are high quality so they look great with a laminate, frame or canvas finish.

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Fine-Art Print on Paper

All of our fine-art prints are either provided by one of our top publishers or printed in our facility. Our printing specialists use the best printing techniques available when creating art reproductions to provide you with the highest quality available. Each art print printed in-house is done so on-demand based on your order specifications. Art prints can be complemented by finishing them with a frame and mat. We check every print before it leaves our printing/framing facility to ensure 100% satisfaction for our customers.

Laminate Options

If you would like an inexpensive way to protect your fine art, laminating protects from fingerprints, water damage and other physical damages. During the laminating process, a thin, clear plastic gets heated to both sides to adhere it to the print.

Laminated art is perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms where it can be splashed with water. Laminated pieces are also great for classrooms, hospitals, and other busy areas.

To add a laminate finish to your fine-art, go to the product page of the piece you would like. Directly under the image and on the menu next to the image you can click "Laminate Options". Once you choose laminate options, you have three cropping choices for your image. The no cropping option leaves the border on the image which will be laminated. The crop copyright text option, gets rid of the copyright information at the very bottom of the image. If you choose crop to image, the entire border will be cropped off and just the image will be laminated.

The following cropping options are available for laminated prints:

No Cropping The border of the image is left on and will not be removed.
Crop Copyright Text Only the copyright text is removed from the bottom.
Crop to Image The entire border around the image is removed.

Finish your art with a custom frame or canvas!

Aside from protecting your fine-art, frame and canvas finishes allows you to customize and add your own style to your desired art print. We offer tons of different frame and canvas options so you can add a personal touch to your piece and make it unique and your own. Canvas and frame finishes also allow you to match your piece to your furniture. Get your print framed or on canvas by one of our experts for the perfect finish!

Print Packaging

All of the prints ordered at FramedArt.com are packaged in our New Jersey warehouse to ship. Once a print is ordered, our archive department finds the image, checks it for damages and puts it in bins that are categorized for easy finding. Next, our packaging team finds the image from the bin it was placed, checks for any damages, carefully rolls it in a large brown paper for protection. Once the print is wrapped, it is carefully put in a tri-hex shipping box and sealed shut. The boxed print is now ready to get the shipping label so it can arrive safely on your doorstep. Any damages or shipping inquiries can be reported to our customer service experts at support@framedart.com.

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