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Comfy Cottage Decor

Comfy Cottage Decor

A comfy day at your warm cottage we all dream of that and the nostalgic feeling that it envisions. The feel is warm and relaxing. What is your dream of a cottage is it warm and inviting, is it wood accented and rustic? There are many ways to decorate a cottage. Earth tones are a popular decorating style. Common themes are those of a view of a lake or a fishing hole, or hunting themes with deer or hunting dogs. Some styles are white, crisp and clean. Either way you choose to decorate a well thought out piece of wall art, framed in the same wood or shade of the walls or furniture will tie it all together.


The bedroom is where you put your head down and dream those cozy nights away; art work can set that tone and put you in the mood for relaxing sleep. A good relaxing art piece, such as "French Birdcage I" by Gwendolyn Babbit. It is an understated piece that will blend very well with any color pattern in the bedroom; it has classic black and white, which if matched with a black or silver frame will blend in nicely.

Grace Pullen has added a splash of color in wood accented theme to the "Hope". You can awaken to this fine piece of art everyday in your warm cottage sanctuary where your dreams of a fun filled and relaxed day will unfold before your very eyes. Pair that with "Dream" and you will have tastefully decorated your space with accenting artwork that will compliment your cozy cottage decor.

Birds to wake you in the morning from your cozy slumber, with two pieces from Swan Papel, "Red Bird" and "Bluebird" these pastels will awaken your rested senses in the morning. As with any series set, a frame that will go with the color and textures in the cozy cottage bedroom will finish off the room with class.

When you look to the style and theme in this room you will want an art piece that will compliment not only the walls but the choice of fabric chosen for the drapes and the bed. Having it all tied in will make the room comfortable and complete.

Framed Comfy Cottage Art
Floral Composition with Mason Jars I
Floursack Lemon I
Cottage Charm I
Wild Flower I
June Roses I White Blue Crop
Tulips in Hatbox Shiplap
Fence with Flowers
A Country Weekend XVII
Floral Bathroom I Light Blue
Indigo Flowers Two
Blue Teacup Bouquet C
Parfum de Roses I

Dining Room

Casual dining is the main treat of a comfy cottage, and when designing for that warm and inviting room, you should consider warm and soft tones to make the mood lite and airy. Consider the lighting in the room and the style that you are going for. Light blue and white are classic shades that will warm your soul. When you are able to combine that with deep blue wall art you are able to combine both the soft and warm with the rich and contrasting shades this wonderful shade in the spectrum provides.

Not a bad choice either would be a warm eggshell or light gray shade; it gives off the appeal of fine clean linen and a soft warm glow. You can add copper tones to the room to add to the contrast and add depth and warmth beyond your imagination. The fine wicker chair and bronze tone of the framed art work will enchant your space and give off a feel of sophistication and elegance. Deep green flowers will further accent the room and add a depth of tranquility and nature to the space. The feel of rustic outdoors will abound.

Some comfy cottages are more water themed and having a dining room that fits that design is as easy as ever considering the rich and deep blues and greens of the lakes and oceans, you can fit well into a boat or nautical theme to reach that pinnacle of relaxation. White frames against deep blue canvas art is sure to keep with the water theme, there are blue flowers and blue sky's that can adorn your comfy cottage dining room. So as you embark on your decorating journey, keep in mind the many different ways in which you can choose to decorate.

comfy cottage Decor Ideas Video

Living Room

After a long week of hard work and trip to your cozy cottage is essential to your minds well being. Grabbing a book and setting the light to a warm glow will get your relaxation on. If you are into music perhaps a Marion McConaghie piece of art will do the trick, with "Piano & Butterflies" inlaid over an excerpt from the Globe Encyclopedia is a classy way to spruce up your cottage living room. Or with Dawn Barton's "La Bicyclette" which is rich and deep in its tones that will bring any room heavily accented in wood in line.

Vision Studio and their "Antique Keys I" and "Antique Keys II" will fit the motif of the cozy cottage living room. As a warm and inviting color which can accent a blue themed room, with the black keys against the white background. A rich detailed set that will attract the sophisticated and angular patterns in the room.

Often a meeting place and a place to entertain, the cozy cabin should be just that, and the artwork that compliments the room should be both warm and inviting. Finding the right piece is easy when you know what you are looking for and where to look for it. A go to place where you can find all in one stop.

So remember if it is for the bedroom, bathroom, or that living area, you can choose to blend a theme throughout the whole cabin, or make each room a unique place with its own theme and style.

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