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Framed Transitional Decor

What is transitional decor? It can be defined as the meeting between modern contemporary and the old style traditional. Where the two meet and create a new and wonderful style. It can be a simplistic design that is both elevated and brought to a more sophisticated level. But more than that it is a celebration of style melding old world ideas with new world materials to create a sensual style with all the simple joy and pleasures of the old world style. When combined in one, this is a transitional décor and style in the modern world.

Transitional Framed Decor

Living Room

One of the most frequented rooms of most houses, a place were all gather, even quests, the dining room is a place for the traditional, and the transitional to meet, with new materials and stunning authenticity, carving up the old world charm with the new world materials to bring this room into the modern era. Many folks are reclaiming old furniture, and tables and re-purposing them into new transitional pieces. Why not keep that flair alive with transitional art.

Such transitional are from David Bromstad, such as his "Sunrise" an eclectic look at the modern day sunrise with all the flare and design of a mid century artist, in today's bod and beautiful colors. A silver frame can bring this old world classical into the transitional arena, with the bold use of new material in the frame. Steel and copper can make a wonderful frame, and bring this piece alive.

Or with Erin Clark's "Manhattan Bridge Silhouette" and her use of classic black and white, if you frame this in a stainless steel frame, you will be making a bold statement in your decor, and providing a new twist on the old bridge, in this transitional flare.

Framed Transitional Decor
Sera su Manhattan
Blue Illusion
Trees at Dawn II Neutral
Gold Reflections Abstract
Open Arms Gold
Dogwood in Spring Neutral Crop
Neutral Abstract Floral II
Muted Grass
Gray Rainbow V
Sorbet Roses


Like the transitional dining room, the bed room too has become fertile ground in the transitional decorating area, thought once only as a place to lay your head, and nothing more, today's bed rooms rival any other room in the house when it comes to decorating ideas and concepts. Taking the traditional and transitional and bringing them together. With abstract art, and soothing landscape art, you will see the passion.

With such artists like Allison Pearce, and her "Serene Union" with the birch trees with their final leaves of the season just hanging on refusing to let go of a summer long dream of basking in the sun, with this piece you can add a sense of relation and comfort to your room, and make the art transitional with the rest of the house, to bring it all together.

Or with "Fundamentals of Magic" by Marlene Healey with her bold shapes and lines, it is as soothing as it is enchanting, the color choice will work well with the crisp clean lines of a transitional design, a design that thrives on the curves and shapes in a minimalist way.

Framed Transitional Artwork

Dining Room

In the living room the transitional continues, with bold shapes and animal art, you can send a statement to all who visit that you are a contemporary person who loves to make the old into the new. With a transitional art theme, you can choose series pieces that can tie a whole room together, or a theme with a certain type of frame to match your furniture or wall paint colors. There is no limit on what you can create if you have the right tools and the right idea in place.

For a series of paintings that will tie a living room together try Franka Pakek and "Sepia B" and "Black and White B" these two would make great compliments to a fireplace or other central theme of your living space. The abstract lines can draw your eyes to other interesting areas of the room, thereby creating a flow throughout the room.

Or with "Tao, Courage" from Chris Paschke or his "Tao, Endurance" both too are great in the abstract and the use of the wild hoarse in canvas. These pieces will look great with a contemporary black frame, which fits will with the transitional decor theme and the polished look and feel it brings.

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