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Framed Americana Decor

Americana Decor

There are many types of art, many topics that are inspiration to artists around the globe, Africa evokes the love of giant wild animals, Europe the wonders of the old world, China, the colorful ancient dynasties and their flair. But when you think of a unique perspective of America, what inherently comes to mind is framed Americana decor, art that catches the spirit of the new world, in its unimpeded expansion, and unfettered growth. There is a pride of the American dream that permeates throughout the various art pieces that have come to enshrine this culture and lifestyle.

Entryway Decor

First impressions as they say are important, and when you have guests visit you want to make a great impression on them, a tasteful piece of Americana art will catch the spirit and the hearts of all who visit your home. There are many excellent artists and art work that can be displayed in your foyer, such as Mollie B. and "USA Home" what a thoughtful and inviting piece of art to use as a first impression, with its rendition of the unmistakable United States, covered in the stars and stripes. Its wood background is relaxing and welcoming and will show your hospitality to all who enter you house.

Keeping with the Americana theme and the warm and generous hospitality that Americans share you can don your entry way with "Barn Star Welcome" from Melinda Hipsher, with this warm and subtle painting you can welcome your guests with love and care. This painting shows a worn look that implies that the art has been there forever. It is understated yet compelling enough to make your guests happy and content.

Religion runs deep in America, and no other Americana art is better at expressing that love than "God Bless America" from Debbie McMaster. What a warm and soothing piece of art that you and your guests can enjoy for years to come. It too, has that weathered look and will have your quests believing that you had this art for decades and that it is a family heirloom. What a wonderful and traditional way to decorate your entryway.

Framed Americana Art
American Tailgating
Patriotic Cow
The Quilt Garden
Chair Family With Flag
Americana Mood V
Patriotic Cows
God Bless America
Primitive Americana Sheep with Horse and Wagon
America Glass Jars
Patriotic Woodland Eagle
America the Beautiful

Bold Patterns

Folk art, a utilitarian art, for the people by the people can best describe this type. Often with less finer detail, but not less in passion or inspiration than its contemporary counterpart. Contemporary or fine art is the professionally finished piece that usually has far more greater detail and use of skills and talents. Not always a better piece of art, but different and compelling none-the-less.

Some folk art that will make your decor sparkle with understated charm and beauty are such works from Anthony Kleem with his "Blessings" a very simple yet very compelling piece of art that will rival any other piece that you may have. The simple lines and colors invoke your imagination and inspire your thoughts. Or Mo Mullan's "American Pop I" which too is a folksy look at the Americana genre.

On the other side of the isle is work from Zhen-Huan Lu's "Justice" and its exacting detail; just look at the fireplace and in the flag that is draped upon it. It symbolizes the fine contemporary framed Americana art that we think of. Or T.C. Chiu's "Old Flag With Ivy" a contemporary piece of art that will fit in any room and any style.

You can always blend a bit of the folk and contemporary in any setting, finding the right complimentary pieces is easy to do when you have such a wide selection to choose from, when you frame them in a stylish and universal way, you can mix the contemporary with the folk and not miss a beat.

Americana Pride Decor

There are many ways to show American pride and there is no better way to show that off than with Americana artwork, tastefully placed throughout your house or business. With so many iconic images that come to mind when thinking about America, there are many inspiring choices. The obvious is the flag; the American flag is a symbol of freedom universal around the world, when it is flying people know that they will be safe.

Lesser know symbols of American pride are the bald eagle, or the classic cowboy. Or the automobile, as the game changer in the mobility of the world, and in "Old Chevy" from Wayne Bradbury Photography shows how deep American pride can run, even retired to a grassy field, the iconic truck still evokes the love and pride of a nation.

Freedom that comes to mind in the thought of Americana art and pride run deep right and never sway. A worldwide icon of freedom is the Liberty Bell as portrayed in "Freedom" by Lauren Rader. She has captured a piece of American pride and joy. This fine piece is tasteful and will make your room complete.

When we think of Americana art there are many iconic symbols that you can choose from. Just remember that when you are looking make sure that the piece of art fits your style and decor.

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