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High Fashion

Art comes in many forms, and many tastes, some would agree that art spans the world and spans the styles of many things. High fashion is one area that speaks volumes for those who hold themselves out as classy and high end. But knowing what is high class is a matter of taste, and ideas. Finding that right piece of art for the right room, or occasion is a matter of relativity. High fashion is considered that which is in the upper echelon of society. A model or a certain taste the wealthy desire and find worthy.

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Dresses have always been acquainted with high fashion, especially the sweeping gowns and wedding dresses. They exude high class and high fashion. A framed piece of art that catches this fashion statement in a true canvas work of art is one that will transcend the time and live on beyond the current into the timeless. A great place to have this fashion art is in the bedroom, or in the vanity room, as they are sure to provide the elegance and inspiration needed to get ready for the big night out on the town.

A regal color of purple as a dress is one of the finest art styles you can find, matched with fine furniture such as a white sofa. This plumb and white is a symbol of status and high class. These rooms are more in tune with a museum quality than a living area. For a mansion that has more rooms than one can use this type of high fashion art is just the ticket for the decor and style. White is one of the most powerful art pieces as it shows a clean a vibrant lifestyle.

Framed High Fashion Art
Dame II
Tiffany Rose
Beach Glam I
Ethereal Grace
Haute Chapeau Purple I v2
Dazzling Diva Light Crop
Pure Style
Beret and Scarf II
Couture Concepts II
Trendy Lady
Elegant Woman with Cheetah


A status symbol of many the elite is the purse that you carry with you as you go out on the town. You can bring that high fashion style into your room with many of the fine-framed art pieces that you can find around you, with solid black borders accented with gray frames you can highlight any color purse you can imagine. Set off on a gray wall and deep gray furniture you can set the scene for a wonderful high fashion artwork relating to the purse and its symbol as high fashion.

Small yet functional purse art can be a ready addition to your already high fashion design scheme, elegance in a bright silver frame can accent the piece and make it glitter with the sensual desire that it portrays. In a bright and airy entry way you can display this wonderful high fashion artwork with pride and happiness. To transcend the genre is to but it in a high quality frame with a solid finish that will put the piece in a class of its own, but don't forget to make the room a complete scene with the right furniture and paint choices.

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Not to be outdone by a purse, the shoe, often coupled with the purse as a fashion compliment, you cannot go wrong with high fashion shoe art. Millionaires are made everyday with the art of the shoe a practical article that has evolved into a status symbol without rival, shoes make the person some say, and it is often what is used exclusively to judge you on the ever so important first impression.

When you look at high fashion accessories and how the shoe fits into that high fashion culture you will find that there are two basic avenues that you can go, with a classic black fashion high heel, or with bright vibrant colors to accent the whole decor, when coupled with matte black frames in concert, you will be elevating your room to high fashion art.

When you are in the market for a new fashion and design look no further than high fashion. It can be an incredible inspiration to your life and give you a whole new direction to go in your design pursuits. Taking your design to the next level is easy to do when you have the right place to shop, and the right quality to choose from.

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