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Framed Bohemian Decor

Bohemian art comes from a very unconventional lifestyle. Bohemians are often seen as gypsies, wanderers, and vagabonds. Many Europeans would group artists, musicians, and writers into this category. The Bohemian art movement began to show unconventional ways of painting and decorating. They use very vibrant colors and interesting shapes. Many associate this type of art with the hippie movement in the 1960's. Many fans of Bohemian art love to use it to decorate because it is free and very colorful. The style is incredibly trendy and can brighten up any dull room.

Bohemian Art Decor

Bohemian Living Room

Are you looking for a new look for your living room? By buying Bohemian art, you can have a brand new look and feel to your living room. With the colors in your living room, you can mix and match the artwork to give the room more flare and color. If you have brown or black furniture, it is important that you find some artwork that matches. Bohemian art uses a lot of reds and oranges and these will look great with your furniture. Oranges will go very well with any browns in your living room and reds go great with black!

If you are tired of the boring art that you have in your living room now, it is time to make a big change. Bohemian artwork features many different types of shapes, colors, and designs. They range from bright reds, blues, greens, and oranges to very vivid pinks and pastels. Many fans of art compare it to abstract art. Just like abstract art, Bohemian art is very unconventional. These paintings feature portraits and abstract shapes, quotes about the gypsy life, peace signs, compasses, and even some spiritual figures like Buddha. There are also patterns like flowers, chevron stripes, owls and other animals.

Once you have decided on dressing up your living room with Bohemian art, it is important that you match all of your colors. You want your living room to be the most comfortable and beautiful. By choosing just the right Bohemian artwork, your guests will be very happy to stop by and visit. They will be very impressed with the bright color scheme that you have selected. Your boring living room will no longer be bland, but it will be bright and colorful with this Bohemian artwork.

Bohemian Art Decor Ideas Video
Finished Bohemian Art
Boho Lady V
Peony Bouquet Mandala
Happiness is a Way of Life
Warm Sunburst
Water Zebra with Floral Crown Square
Proud as a Peacock I
Lovely Llamas I
Santorini II- Hope
Tribal Feathers Sign
Spirit Stallion II Square

Bohemian Office

Decorating your office space is very important. If you have a boring office, chances are you haven't been able to get any of your work done in it. By using Bohemian art and Zen artwork, you can change the way your office looks and feels. Many Bohemian paintings use very bright and vibrant colors to express the artists' feelings and thoughts. By using the bright colors of Bohemian art, you can add some light into your office. If you have solid color paint in your office, be sure to get some very decorative paintings. If you have wallpaper with patterns in your office, you can mix and match interesting patterns in order to make your office really stand out. .

Another way to dress up your office is to add Zen artwork to the walls or to your desk. Zen artwork can really bring a sense of balance to your home office. By adding Zen and Bohemian artwork together, you can have a brand new look. Zen art can vary from pictures of mountains, sunrises, and even spiritual figures like Buddha. Zen artwork focuses on the balance of the world and how meditation can really change your life. It can also change your office.

When it is time for you to change up the look of your office, you can add Zen and Bohemian artwork to do so. These are two very popular forms of artwork that are very attractive to your guests. You will be able to show off your new artwork and you will spend much more time in your office looking at your new art. By adding some small Buddha figurines on your desktop, you can feel as if you are at peace and in the comfort of your own home. Make sure that you surround your desk with this beautiful artwork.

Bohemian Bedroom

When it is time to redecorate your bedroom, you can choose from a number of different types of artwork. One of the newer favorites is Bohemian artwork. There are some very bold and cool blues and purples that will add quite a lot of color your bedroom. If you like the look of bright colors and unconventional ways of painting, you will really like these Bohemian pieces. You can add many of them to your bedroom to really highlight your space.

One of the most famous Bohemian artists was Madame de Cassins. She is most famous for her portrait of a gypsy woman. She uses very cool colors to express her feelings through this character. The gypsy woman looks sensual yet sad. The detail in her portrait is stunning and this portrait would be a great one to add to your bedroom.

Another Bohemian artist who used cool colors was Henri Regnault. One of his most famous paintings is called Salome. It is the portrait of another gypsy woman. He uses a lot of yellows in this painting. He also uses some gold colors that really add dimension and color to this portrait. You can see each and every one of the fine details in this painting. This is yet another painting that could really add some color and light into your boring bedroom colors.

Changing the way your bedroom looks doesn't take too much time and effort. If you are looking to bring much more colors into the bedroom, Bohemian artwork is the best to choose. You can mix and match different portraits to better highlight all of the colors that you already have in your bedroom. There are quite a lot of blues and purples that will really make you happy to spend much more time in your bedroom. You will also want to show off your room to all of your guests.

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