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Purple Art

The Color of Royalty

Decorating with purple art creates a unique look and feel in your living space. Whether it's the kitchen, living room, or even the bathroom, purple art can evoke different moods in certain surroundings. Throughout history purple has been known to be the color representing elegance and class. Adorn your home with purple art to welcome the look and feel of luxury and sophistication. Having various shades of purple art accented throughout your home will leave a lasting impression and create a warm and tranquil atmosphere.

Purple includes many shades from light colors such as lavender and lilac to dark colors such as plum or violet. When looking at framed purple art, you'll want to find complementary frames that accent the color shade. Good complimentary colors for purple artwork are silver and soft wood colors. Now that you have considered this fine color for decorating, let's get into more detail.

Complimentary Colors

Complimentary Colors

Plum Kitchen

A wonderful place for purple art, and honestly a perfect fit, is the kitchen. The kitchen is a central place in the house and one of the most used and shared rooms therefore, using purple art to create a comforting ambience is vital. Decorate your kitchen walls with "Eggplant" by Janet Stever for a regal, Italian feel. This print looks best with a cream colored mat and a solid black frame. The black frame highlights the deep purple eggplant which the cream mat brings out the warm golden hues.

The grape is one of nature's most delicious fruits both off the vine and in the wine glass. In "Fruitier II" by Hanna Peyton you can see her wonderful and deep rendition of grapes on canvas, couple this print with a crisp silver frame and you have yourself a classic piece that will last a lifetime. This piece in particular will bring warmth and style to your kitchen. Cook every meal in style and elegance with these fine works of purple art.

Another great purple kitchen artwork is "Basket of Purple Flowers" by T.C. Chiu! It showcases the natural beauty of nature in art form by depicting flowers and fruit. Finding art that will blend the fine and artistic texture of your kitchen is fun and easy. Remember, nature sets the tone for the beauty in our lives, and merging the beauty in your kitchen decor is sure to make your time spent in this room special.

Lavender Living Room

Throughout history and still to this day the color purple is often associated with royalty. It gives a look and feel of class and sophistication on its own. Decorate your living room with elegant purple art pieces like a panoramic photograph that showcases a Lavender Field in Provence, France. This scenic view of the beauty that lies within nature incorporates shades of purple that give it a rich, luxurious feel. Pair this print with a classic white mat and a silver frame to finish your sophisticated look and feel. Hanging a piece like this can bring you closer to nature without setting a foot outside your door. So sit back, relax and enjoy the view.

Another great way to decorate with purple art is to complement other accents of purple around the room. Hang "Purple Empire" by Veruca Salt to bring an interesting, vibrant perspective of the Empire State building to your walls. Since this particular print is a minimalist purple artwork, you should keep it classic by adding a white mat and finish it with a black frame. This kind of purple art is perfect for complimenting other accents of purple around the room without being overwhelming.

Purple Art

Lilac Bathroom

Don't have time for the spa? Bring it to you. The bathroom is place to unwind and relax; therefore, surrounding yourself with purple word art, like the "Mondrian Blackberry 2" by Albert Koetsier, can evoke a relaxing ambience. When you are considering the design of your bathroom, keep in mind how well the color lilac goes with other colors. A deep black contrast can set the piece of art apart from the other things in the room, making it the focal point. Tasteful art can add that special final touch to your walls. So before you plan your theme or color scheme, remember not to overlook the details of your wall art. Since many bathroom color schemes and themes incorporate a light shade of lilac to create a relaxing vibe, purple art is a great fit for your powder room!

Create comfort and luxury in your bathroom by hanging a more classic purple print like the "Victorian Bathroom II" by Jerianne Van Dijk. This will give your bathroom an old world look and feel while still including luxurious, relaxing shades of purple. This particular print has accents of lavender which is the perfect color to create a calming ambience. It also uses an earth tone palette throughout the background which compliments the lavender making it the highlight of the print. Earth tones are especially appealing in the bathroom due to their natural feel. By incorporating accents of soft lilac hues, this collaboration of colors creates wonderful art and a serene environment.

In the overall theme of your house, be it the kitchen, bath or living room, you can rest assured that if you choose the warm, sophisticated and inviting color purple, you will not be disappointed. Whether you choose deep shades of plumb or light and airy shades of lilac, you will find an abundance of both art and frame choices to make any purple art print the focal point in the overall design and color scheme of your room.

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