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Canvas Art

About Our Canvas Art

Every canvas transfer at FramedArt.com is made to order by our skilled canvas experts. We build each canvas by hand in our warehouse for each specific order using high quality materials and equipment.

Our canvas transfer process starts with a single print getting heat pressed or printed directly onto the canvas. Once the image is perminately on the canvas, it is then carefully stretched around hand assembled wooden canvas bars. Click here for instructions on how to hang canvas art.

Canvas Pictures
canvas process Video
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Custom Canvas Art

Gallery Wrapped Canvas Art

When a canvas is wrapped around the bars using a gallery wrap method, the edges of the image wrap around the sides of the bars. This creates almost a 3-D or gallery style look. This canvas method is great for pieces that have one single focus or for larger images.

Photo on Canvas
Museum Wrapped Canvas Art

A museum wrapped canvas is a method in which the image stops at the edge. With museum wrapped art on canvas, the sides are generally white due to the blank parts of the canvas wrapping around the bars. A benefit to museum wrap is the white sides can be painted any of the 18 colors we offer to compliment the piece.

Pictures on Canvas
Two Bar Depths

Whether you choose a gallery or museum wrap method for your artwork on canvas, the depth of the bars can be modified. We offer canvas bars at .75 inches, which is the default size, and 1.5 inches. Our 1.5 inch bars are more thick and sturdy which is a great option for larger canvas pieces.

Picture on Canvas
Canvas Painting

Canvas Brushstrokes

Adding brushstrokes to your painting on canvas can compliment it and make it look closer to the original painting. When brushstrokes are ordered for a specific piece, a clear, acrylic gel is brushed onto the canvas piece. The brushstroke artists follow the strokes of the piece to help recreate the feel from the original. We offer standard brushstrokes as well as heavy brushstrokes. As shown below, standard brushstrokes get a thin layer of gel whereas heavy brushstrokes get a thicker layer of the acrylic gel applied to the canvas to add more texture if desired.

Art on Canvas

Framed Canvas

Having trouble choosing between a canvas or frame finish? FramedArt.com offers to frame and canvas your desired artwork. Framed canvas art pieces is where the art print is printed or heated onto the canvas, museum wrapped onto the handcrafted canvas bars, then framed for a finishing touch. With framed canvas pieces, the thickness of the canvas bars are automatically chosen based on the frame thickness. Framed canvas pieces add depth and dimension to ordinary framed and canvas artwork.

Framed Canvas Artwork

Canvas Prints

When you order the canvas print option, it is the unstretched version of the canvas print. For canvas prints, the artwork will come printed or laminated on a large canvas fabric. We keep excess canvas space around each side of the print so the canvas can get stretched on the bars later. This is the best option and often recommended for customers or businesses that possess the machinery that stretches the canvas. The canvas print option comes with the artwork on adhered to the unstretched canvas. The box does not include the canvas bars, materials needed to stretch or hang the canvas.

Canvas Art Print

Best Selling Canvas Art

Our best selling art on canvas can help you select a piece for your home based on popular canvas pieces. Although art is about your own individual style, it is interesting and inspiring to see what pieces and styles are popular to other shoppers. This list includes pieces that are ordered on canvas the most from all of the categories and styles offered at FramedArt.com. All of our art on canvas comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Canvas painting
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