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Wanderlust Decor

Ever find yourself sitting in the office just staring out the window towards the horizon? Caught in reverie, yearning to wander out into the great unknown of the world? The memories of previous travel still burning brightly within you? Well, my friend, what you are experiencing is wanderlust. That is, the longing desire to travel- to venture out into the unknown in search of personal adventure.
Pretty much everyone likes to travel but those of us suffering from wanderlust are simply obsessed with it. It's ingrained within our being. So it comes as no surprise that this symptom of the human condition has made itself present in works of art. Wanderlust art to be precise.

Study Room

If you've managed to sate your wanderlust for now and are firmly embedded at home, then another way to express your yearning to travel is through the displaying of wanderlust artwork within your home. Often our studies are places of contemplation where we can enjoy solitude and space to think. These spaces often reflect a person's inner longings for journey and expedition. Travelers will often display their photographic memorabilia of their previous wanders in their study. Wanderlust art adds an iconography of adventure to the room, articulating our need for exploration on the surrounding walls and furniture.

We all love the enjoyment that comes with slipping away to our studies to read in solitude. It's a kind of escapism in itself as we seek adventure and escape within the pages of a book. Wanderlust artwork acts as a type of literature of travel and allows the viewer to engage in a form of escapism within their own homes. Maps are strongly associated with travel and to the eyes of someone suffering from wanderlust they evoke all kinds of thoughts and memories attached to excursion. Some artwork, such as Travel Well Map and Your Own Path by Jace Grey, incorporate phrases set into the backgrounds of maps. Travel Well Map has the famous quote of another Eastern sage, Buddha, 'It is better to travel well than to arrive', which neatly articulates the inner yearning of those suffering wanderlust, as well as summing up their dissatisfaction with having arrived. The quote is set over a grainy aged map of Central and Eastern Europe, often seen as the forefront of our ventures into the East. Again, such an artwork brings the essence of the East into your study, so that looking up from that book; you are instantly cast away towards the eastern frontiers.

Maps always look better in a framed finish as it tends to look much more classical, thus suiting the original essence of the artwork. The frame finish makes the piece stand out as a picture more and is therefore much more suitable for classical types of wanderlust wall art. Artwork that incorporates real photography that hasn't been manipulated, also suits the framed finish.

However, with the more modern, colorful artworks, such as Adventure Awaits by Leah Flores, the canvas finish is better suited to give the piece a much more post-modern quality. The colorful graffiti that sits over the top of a beach scene- the water breaking over rocks- stands out in urban detail, making the piece resonate with post-modernism.

Wanderlust Frame Suggestions
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Wake Up
Adventure Map I
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Adventures in Europe I
Water Elephant
Life is an Adventure
Life Is Better At The Cabin
Let the Adventure Begin
Mod Triangles Explore New Places Gold

Dining Room

In Marcel Proust's novel The Way by Swanns, the French author locates memories through the tastes of food. Through our taste we are often pulled back in time to other moments in our lives when we enjoyed similar meals. When we travel we often return home armed with many recipes of the food we enjoyed on our journey. This makes the dining room a perfect fit to experience the whims of wanderlust.

Often whilst we eat on our travels it isn't just the food that we are enjoying, it's also the incredible views and surroundings. Joseph Sohm's Pathway to the Beach is simply a view of a fenced, beach pathway leading to the ocean. But for those of us who have travelled at some pint in our lives it is a familiar view from a beachside restaurant reminiscent of the ones that overlook the golden beaches of Thailand, Bali or anywhere else that draws us to the ocean. When one looks up from their meal and looks into the types of wanderlust art that display the natural beauty found in our escapes, we are immediately whisked back to the past. However, this artwork appeals to us all, because casting our eyes out towards the horizon, whether it's for real or through art, is a desire of us all.

If it's a certain ambiance that you want to recreate within your dining setting then perhaps decorating the walls with beach wanderlust artwork in general is a good idea. It's not just beaches; you could employ forest or mountain artwork in general too. Keeping a consistent theme throughout the room helps to deliver a clear totality of feeling, conjuring all the emotions associated with those places. Feelings of escape and adventure.

For the photographic pieces it is often better to finish the piece in a framed finish because it preserves the essence of the original picture. As well as this it can protect them more from the hustle and bustle of a family dining room. However, for some of the larger oblong pieces that can be hung at the ends of your dining table, the canvas finish can give them more exposure within your dining room. Finishing the piece appropriately is essential in delivering your dining room into the realms of your inner wanderlust.


Slumber, the place of our dreams. For those of us secretly yearning for escape it is here that our burning desires are played out whilst we sleep. When we reach our beds we are fully ready to slip into our imaginations and travel off into the realms of our dreamlands. Often our dreams are affected by the imagery we see shortly before we go to sleep. Displaying wanderlust artworks upon our walls gives us a whole iconography for the creation of our imagined dream spaces, affecting their tone and theme. Seeing a mountain range, blue sky above it, with the words 'get lost' written over it, such as in Leah Flores's Get Lost, allows our imaginations to drift into the reverie of adventure just before we climb into bed. This helps to dispel any stress that we've accumulated during the day and prepare us for the adventures of sleep.

The bedroom is often the scene for our emotional relationships, the setting for the ties of love. For those of you that share your room with a loved one, Flores's Let's Run Away (Arcadia Beach) exudes romantic overtones, displaying the waves rolling into a beach at dusk, the phrase 'let's run away' written across it. A dusky beachfront has romantic connotations for obvious reasons and the offer of escape over the top displays that adventure can be something that we do together. Much of the love that we feel for each other is through our shared experiences, so why not articulate it through these types of wanderlust artwork.

Often gold or silver frames suit the bedroom better, because they bring with them a feeling of majesty that accompanies most things within the bedroom. After all it is where most of keep our most precious things, such as jewellery. Having these more ornamental frames ties them into the general feeling of the room.

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