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Framed Contemporary Country Art

Contemporary Country Decor

Thinking about decorating in a country style, cannot decide which way to go, classic country or contemporary country. Contemporary country still embodies the old, but mixes in the new with strong shapes and colors blended with the old style charm and style of the country design. With the use of modern style elements and the soft and inviting colors of the country you can create a new contemporary country style all your own. As you decide which way to go, keep in mind that there are no limits to your imagination and style.

Framed Contemporary Country Kitchen Art

Choosing on a style in the kitchen sets a tone for the rest of the house, as such; the kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house and attracts the most attention from visitors. Much of the old way of the country design is still there, the farms, the fields, and the farm animals, but today, they are taken to a whole new level of detail and charm which far surpasses the old charm of before. With the modern techniques and new materials that are available, you can see that there are no ends to what you can create in contemporary country kitchen.

You can start with decorating your walls with a fine set of inspirational cooking art, such as those that feature vegetables or spices, or garden fare. Cooking themed art and furniture will go a long way in setting the tone of the room and setting it apart from its past classic style. With all the new charm inherent in this new contemporary style you are sure to have a hit on your hands as you decide from a multitude of choices in your search for that perfect mix.

Framed Contemporary Country Art
Potted Farm Arrangement Trio on Chalkboard
Family Gathers Here Cotton Wreath
York Road Barn
Lavender Bathroom Rules
Nancy Bittersweet Neutral Sq
Blue Ford at Barn
Floral Composition with Mason Jars I
Farmhouse Cotton Tin Pitcher
The Joy of the Lord Still Life
Floursack Autumn VII
Fruit Bowls

Framed Contemporary Country Art

Throwing away all that is rustic in pursuit of the modern is a sure fire way to drive yourself crazy trying to find the right style. You can combine the rustic with the modern in new and exhilarating ways. You can re-purpose an old desk or and old table with some modern flare and update a tired room with a simple rustic painting and a crisp styled frame. Choosing pastel wall color paint can make a room explode with a contemporary feel, while keeping firmly planted in its rustic roots.

Or take an old rusty rustic piece, such as a garden implement, like a rake, and strip it down, finish it off in a modern style such as stainless steel or a deep rich paint that can transform that rustic old piece into a modern work of art. Let your imagination run wild, you will find that anything that you have laying around can be re-purposed and put to good use again in a modern and contemporary way. Stick with the rich earth tones and you are sure to achieve the rustic yet contemporary lifestyle and design style that you are out to create.

Contemporary Country Framed Art Theme

There are many things that embody the country. The most common of course are the farms and animals that are there, but there is so much more, there are contemporary themes that can revolve around hunting or fishing, and arts and crafts. There are seas of fields with wild flowers and trees that delight the senses and inspire the mind. You can think of a classic old barn or farm house, but even then you can imagine that one day that will be gone and a more contemporary house or barn will be built in its place, it is the natural way of things, the old will fall in ruin and the new will be built. But some of the staples will always be, like the cows in the field, or the trees swaying in the breeze. So do not hesitate to mix the old with the new, and combine the classic country with the contemporary as they are not mutually exclusive, but homogeneous in their interaction and harmony. Just as a classic look of old it can marry with the new and contemporary to make it the new classic going forward for the next generation to dream about.

Contemporary Country Decor Ideas Video
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