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Looking for a one-stop solution for your photo needs? At FramedArt.com, you can upload your image, choose your size, finish your photo and get it delivered right to your front door! Avoid the hassle of print shops and framing stores. Whether you want to get your wedding photos on canvas, your favorite summer vacation pictures framed or a baby photo on canvas, we offer a wide variety of finishing solutions for your high-quality photo print needs.

How it Works


Upload your photos

Getting started is easy! You can simply upload your photos by using your phone, camera or tablet.


Select Your Size

When you upload a photo on FramedArt.com, we want to offer you the best quality photo print possible. Upload your image to see which sizes your photo's resolution and image size will properly print. If you receive a warning that your image is too small, you can still choose to have it printed. However, to ensure you're completely satisfied with your purchase we urge you to use our system's recommendations. Before printing, each order will be reviewed and if we believe there will be clarity issues with your image, a customer service rep will reach out to you. Prior to upload, review our size guidelines in the upload section if you have any concerns.


Finish Your Art

Crafted in the USA, we guarantee that you will love the look and feel of your new framed art. We take pride in our high quality materials and expert craftsmanship. Because of this confidence, we have a no questions asked, 30-Day Return policy. If you are not 100% satisfied with your framed artwork for any reason, you can return it within 30 days and receive a full refund.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

My Framed Photos 30 Day Return Policy

All of our products are backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Policy. At FramedArt.com, we pride ourselves in our high-quality art and customer service. If you are not 100% satisfied with your My Framed Photos purchase, you may return it within 30 days of receiving it for a replacement or refund, less shipping charges. Our team here at FramedArt.com, is sure that you'll love your framed photo art or photo on canvas. If there's anything else we can do to help you with your purchase, feel free to contact us.


What type of images formats can I use to upload my photo?

We accept any photos in that are in these formats: JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, or TIF. If you have another format you would like processed, please call one of our customer service representatives at 800-418-2166 .

How small large can my image be?

Images must be a minimum of 500KB and up to 30MB. If your image size is too small to be printed on a certain size, we'll let you know during your upload process. We also review each image before printing and will contact you if there's any resolution issues. Prior to uploading your image, you must accept our My Framed Photos Terms. By uploading an image and accepting these terms and conditions, you accept that you will not upload an image that violates any copyright law. All image uploads must also follow our Image Content Guidelines specified in our Terms of Use. We reserve the right to remove or reject any photos that violate these guidelines.

What resolution must my image be to print it properly?

Below are the dots per inch (DPI) and file sizes needed for standard size prints.

8" x 10" 100 1000 x 1250 250 2000 x 2500
11" x 14" 100 1375 x 1750 250 2750 x 3500
16" x 20" 100 1600 x 2000 250 4000 x 5000
16" x 24" 100 1600 x 2400 250 4000 x 6000
18" x 24" 100 1800 x 2400 250 4500 x 6000
20" x 30" 100 2000 x 3000 250 5000 x 7000
24" x 32" 100 2400 x 3200 250 6000 x 8000
24" x 36" 100 2400 x 3600 250 6000 x 9000
What if I upload my image incorrectly or have the wrong size?

At FramedArt.com, we pride ourselves on customer service and quality. Each and every order is reviewed before we process it to ensure there won't be an issue. If there's something wrong with your order, one of our customer representatives will reach out to you using your order information to take appropriate action.

A warning says that the size I want is not recommended for my image. What can I do?

If the file that you uploaded does not match the minimum requirements for the size you want, you will receive a warning that says "This size is not recommended for your image." At FramedArt.com, we want to offer you the highest quality photographic print possible. You can still purchase the image you have at the size you want and it might come out fine. In order to make sure you get a great quality image, we use higher requirements for larger sized prints and the DPI or file size of your image might not be optimal for your print size selection. If you have any questions regarding the size of your image and the quality, please feel free to reach out to a customer service representative.

What's type of different canvas options can I choose from?

At FramedArt.com, we offer two different styles of canvas wrap - museum and gallery wrap. Gallery wrapped canvas will pull your image completely around the bars, making it flush against the wall. Museum wrap canvas photos will only have the image go up to the edge of the canvas, allowing the sides to stay white or be painted a color of your choice. We also offer two different canvas bars, 1.5" and 0.75" deep. Using the deeper 1.5" thick wooden bars will give your canvas more depth and dimension. 0.75" canvas bars, on the other hand, are a great selection if you want to have your canvas framed in the future. For more information on our canvas options, please visit our canvas art page.

What framed options can I choose for my photo?

With over 40 different frames and tons of mat options to choose from, you can customize your photo to get the exact look and feel that you want for your framed photos. Once you've uploaded your photo, you'll be able to choose the exact finishing you want for your image. To read more about our framed photo options, please visit our framed art page.

Upload Your Image

Press the Browse button to choose your file, then click Upload Image. For best results, choose the highest resolution of your photo.

PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, and TIF files accepted.


By uploading my image, I agree to the My Framed Photos Terms.

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