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Framed Paris Apartment Decor

Decorating in the Paris apartment decor style is not hard to do, often they are just a manner of mixing old with new, as in old world architecture, there will be a mix of the old and the new. One theme that is always chic is white walls, there seems to be a consensus that walls in Paris stay white, that old Victorian style, but that does not mean that you cannot spruce up your walls and your space with some wonderful new art, or old classics. A mixture is accepted as a way of art in Parisian design.

Paris Apartment Decor

Living Room Apartment

The living room, a main space in a space conscious place, many apartments in Paris are small, so packing it in, in style is essential, small European furniture are a must. Finding the right artwork is a key to the successful design of the Parisian apartment. "Paris" from Todd Williams is a good start, the Eiffel Tower, in regal form as it is the centerpiece of this wonder piece of art. The shades of this painting will go well against the white walls and bright colors of your Paris apartment.

Or with Gregory Gorham's "Paris Collage I" sweeping in the various iconic scenes from Paris. With this tasteful piece it can be a little taste of Paris in your own space, just in case you do not live in Paris, but you wish to design like you do.

Since, in keeping with the traditional white wall themes, choosing a frame for the artwork is key, depending on the other furniture in the space, you would tend to lean towards a black frame to contrast well with the pure white walls.

Often the hodgepodge that goes with the Parisian apartment design is the inspiration that make the design so popular. Flea markets and other resale shops bode well for the frugal shopper who wishes to adorn their apartment with Parisian flare. Adding a few carpets or rugs too, will augment the design of your room, and when matched with fine art on the walls it will bring the theme in order throughout the whole room.

Framed Paris Apartment Decor
Paris Moon
Rustic French Bath II
C'est La Vie
Plum Chandelier on White
Eiffel Tower Love
Golden Paris II
Paris Street 1
Romantic Paris III Red Umbrella
Bronze Bath I
French Market II
Joy of Paris II
Romance in Paris II

Bedroom Apartment

Where all the fun is, the bedroom, even more so in the city of Love, Paris, so when you are considering your decorating ideas look to a few things, such as your current furniture, the color of the walls, and the other things setting the room apart, the sheet colors and bed spread colors, this will go far in your decision on which color art work you are going to choose that will tie into your current theme.

Are you into landmark designs or abstract, that will also be a big theme choice. "Paris In Bloom I Mini" is a robust piece that is both sensual and tasteful, it is rich in color and blends the black and white, and the pink, if married to a black glossy frame, and this piece will be a welcome addition to the bedroom.

Finding vintage things to make your bedroom complete. Finding good art pieces of good art deco type of vintage furniture will make your bedroom intimate and cozy. You can then match your artwork frames with the finish of the vintage piece thereby making the whole room tie in together. Vintage artwork, in both photo and canvas art will make both a tasteful and timeless look more impressive as they age.

Framed Paris Apartment Decor

Bathroom Apartment

Pinks and blues that is what comes to mind when you think of a Parisian bath room. There are many ways to decorate a bathroom, adding tasteful wall art is one way to accomplish this. There are many theme ideas that you can use to add flare and class to your bathroom walls, in "Emily's Boudoir I Bath" by Emily Adams, you can add a touch of tasteful with this classic black and white canvas Parisian art. With the bear claw tub, and the iconic Parisian chandelier you will feel as though you are sitting in the heart of Paris, without leaving your bathroom. With a sold matte black frame, you are sure to feel warmth and joy each time you gaze into the art.

"French Lace I" by Pela, is a sure treasure to be cherished for decades to come, with its classic black and white it should fit right in with the Parisian apartment style like many others. A matte black frame will make this piece shine with the quality and craft of this fine artist.

So, as you decide what is best for your Parisian apartment art style and decor. Keep in mind the overall look and feel of what you are trying to accomplish, is your look a hodgepodge of different eclectic pieces of furniture, put together from various sources or, has your style been consistent throughout the apartment, you can add your special touch with fine wall art that will transform your room from plain to Parisian in no time. Remember to pair the fine wall art with a frame that will fit with your overall style and theme.

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