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Black and Gold Glamorous Art

Choosing a color scheme is an important part of any decorating project, and your choice in color makes its own statement. Black and gold is a glamorous combination that pretty much cannot lose; it is inherently associated with elegance and wealth. This dynamic duo brings automatic high-fashion flair to any room: classic yet trendy, bold yet quiet. Within the black-and-gold color theme are endless variations to suit your own personal style, including a vast array of choices for eye-catching artwork to evoke the mood you want to create.

Black & Gold Bedroom

Black and gold go well together because they contrast beautifully; black is deep darkness, while gold is the embodiment of sunlight. Due to this extreme difference between them, there is a great deal of space within that color pairing to find the exact palette to suit your own needs in each room, up to and including the bedroom. This goes for artwork as well, which is a vital part of any room's decor.

If you think of black and gold art in bold, modern terms, it may at first seem counterintuitive to plan on decorating a bedroom with such pieces. We go to the bedroom for rest, after all, and many people instinctively reflect that in their bedroom decor, choosing muted color palettes and indirect lighting. On the other hand, some people prefer a bolder tone in the bedroom, instinctively choosing art that will help wake them up in the mornings.

No matter which category you tend to fall under in choosing your bedroom art theme, consider the wide range of tones within the glamorous black and gold color pairing: Black is essentially neutral, and therefore goes harmoniously with anything else. Glamorous art also often softens black to shades of grey, from charcoal to mist, lending itself easily to a restful atmosphere in the bedroom. Gold, too, has its own spectrum, from bright sunshine-drenched sparkle to mellow, drowsy afternoon sunset, slanting through the trees in an old-growth forest. You can choose pieces in predominantly lighter lemony golds or deep autumnal shades that almost approach bronze; artwork is versatile, and can be adapted to any mood or theme you choose.

The artwork you choose for the bedroom can make the entire decorating scheme come together like magic. A piece where black predominates would catch the eye most effectively on a wall of contrasting color, and vice-versa. In the bedroom, the kind of artwork chosen will also be different from what you might choose for your kitchen or office, for instance; take note of the theme in each piece.

Black & Gold Frame Suggestions
Golden Paris I
Rising Sun
Botanical Gold on Black II
Gilded Enso IV
African Wild Elephant Border
Watercolor Symphony Gold touch 2
Valentines Stripes IV
Faux Gold Hustle
Brooklyn Bridge Gray and Gold
Gold Lily 1
Chevron Sentiments Black/Gold I
Golden Bees n Butterflies No. 1

For The Office

When decorating an office space, choosing artwork in glamorous black and gold tones creates a trendy, modern tone that sets an edgy, wide-awake mood for the room. This is particularly true when you choose pieces in the abstract form, such as Tina Lavoie's "Bling Chevron".

If you happen to prefer less pop to your abstract art pieces, with a smoother and more calming overtone for your office space, something along the lines of Alonso Saunders' "Ink Plants Panel" and "Ink Plants Panel 2" would work well. Victoria Brown's piece "Signs" is also an example of a simple abstract piece in black that carries with it a sense of peace.

An office is essentially a place where you work. Each office is as different as the person who occupies it and the specific function they perform while in it, but they share commonalities. In creating the tone of your workspace, you want to focus on keeping your edge. Regardless of what kind of work you are engaged in, the workplace is competitive. Professionals need to stay up-to-date with trends as well as technological advances and so forth. Choosing artwork that conveys a modern outlook is a way to inspire confidence in your ability to reach the top of your field and stay there.

Choosing to decorate your office with abstract black and gold art does not limit your options for expression. On the contrary, it opens up a vast array of possibility that all lends itself to your primary goal: creating an office space that speaks for you, that helps to communicate who you are and what you do before you ever open your mouth. All this while maintaining a bold, up-to-date flair that inspires confidence.

For The Living Room

Bringing flair to your living room decor is very simple, with the help of a few well-chosen glamorous black-and-gold art pieces. Your living room is the particular space where you express through your interior decorating who you are to your chosen social group. It lacks the depth of intimacy you expect to find in the bedroom, but it offers more depth of personal expression than would be appropriate for an office space.

As humans we naturally have an urge to express ourselves in every possible way, and the way in which you decorate your spaces is potentially one of the clearest ways of making a statement without verbalizing anything.

The living room of any home is generally designed for relaxation and relatively sedentary forms of recreation: reading, watching movies, playing video games, board games, or cards, and socializing with friends, as a few examples. It is not a workspace, like the kitchen or the home office, but it is also not a place for sleep, privacy, and deep rest, like the bedroom. In a way, it's the happy medium of all rooms, a meeting place for friends and family to enjoy each other's company during their free time.

The essential thing to remember when choosing glamorous black and gold art for your personal living room space is that there are no rules and no limitations. Imagine your ideal space, then make your vision real. There is beautiful artwork of every imaginable persuasion on every known theme to explore as you consider your best options.

Regardless of your personal preference in genre, there is a vast glittering array of black and gold themed artwork that will enhance and invigorate your living room decor. Have as much fun as possible choosing the ones that strike you the most.

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