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Framed Industrial

Vintage Industrial Decor

Vintage industrial is the new trend of the moment stylized with historical and unusual visual impact that is both beautiful and interesting. The practical nature of industrial design incorporates angular shapes and metallic colors with elements of wood, mat or polished metals and bevels or perforations and obvious wear and tear adding to the signature of this style. Vintage industrial items are practical and built to last and most are more than simple decorative items, they are refurbished to meet modern safety standards to be used in the home as a bookshelf, lamp, storage unit or many other household pieces of furniture.

Framed Industrial Office

A home office is a place of creativity and production. It needs to be a space where you can stay focused, be inspired and motivate you to complete your tasks. It's your own personal space and creating it in the style of vintage industrial design, with a combination of functionality and a minimalist feel, is an ideal environment to work or study.

A great office starts with a good desk and this will be the focal point of your office and a stylish handmade or refurbished desk made from reclaimed timber with room for storage and of course space to work and place your laptop or computer is exactly what you need. You can also add shelving above your desk with extra space and storage to keep your desk surface free from clutter or perhaps you would like to display some of your favorite objects.

Instead of an office chair you could try a stool made from oak, a reclaimed school style chair or a metal and wooden framed chair with a bucket seat would also be suitable. A vintage desk lamp would look great and illuminate your work space, and for storage you could try wire storage baskets for storing paper or as a waste management solution. Wire trays to store your bits and bobs and office stationery would also be in-line with the vintage industrial theme. A metal and wooden bookshelf will keep your books and files organized and would also be a great addition to your office.

To finish the look you could get some vintage industrial art pieces with color coordinating or wooden frames to display on your walls or standing on a surface. Black and white photographs, monochrome sketches or blueprints would look stunning and help you to create the look you're after.

Framed Vintage Industrial Art
Chrysler Building on Black
Big Clock
Industrial Design I
1947 Ford 1 Ton
Golden Staircase Spiral
Clock Square
Gilded Gears I
Vintage Camera Yellow
Metallic Flow III
World Map Industrial
Clockwork II


Your kitchen is the heart of the home but it needs to be clean, hygienic and functional. A vintage industrial kitchen will incorporate all of these important factors but it also provides a unique opportunity to release your creativity. Including decorative features such as wooden beams, wall-mounted rails, retro styled appliances and items made from metal and wood work really well with modern look cabinets or free standing units.

This vintage industrial theme can give your kitchen a cozy and lived in look with an eclectic twist and unique vibe. Simple white tiles on the wall or bare bricks from floor to ceiling is the look you're going for with a whitewashed palette of whites and shades of grey on the units and doors.

The shelving needs to be minimal and open with your favorite items on display for decorative purposes only. Try to ensure they don't get cluttered with other paraphernalia such as unopened letters, broken toys or scraps of paper and receipts.

Painted floorboards would also be a great look and this is a really cheap and easy to maintain flooring solution. If they get dirty, they're easy to clean and are quickly renewed with another coat of paint.

Freestanding units and furniture, a kitchen island with drawers, metal trolleys with solid tops and wire mesh compartments, metal and wooden freestanding shelving, wire baskets for storing vegetables or eggs, old metal or wooden stools with an oak or pine table and factory style lighting with metal shades and tarnished chain links look great. Another perfect addition would be a chalk board with a wooden or metallic surround.

You can finish the look with some vintage industrial art that brings out some of the colors in the room that aren't particularly noticeable to coordinate effectively. You can also choose a suitable frame for the art work to match the finish of the room. Solid wood or frames in burnished metal would look amazing and complete your vintage industrial kitchen look.


Industrial style is a raw and unfinished design with coarse surfaces and rough painted walls, which doesn't really sound like the ideal environment for a bedroom. However with a little inspiration and creativity you can create a comfortable and trendy vintage industrial styled bedroom with high functionality and a hint of contemporary minimalism.

Metallic surfaces and pipes are an essential part of the industrial style and where it's easier to incorporate these elements in the kitchen or living spaces of your home it's a little trickier to display these features in the bedroom. A bedroom should be a sanctuary, a place of relaxation and safety which will contribute to your health and wellbeing and provide you with the sleep and rest that you need.

You could create a feature wall with oxidized copper plates or metallic finished tiles. Side tables made from wood would look great with bedside lamps that have industrial styled shades and with a few steel framed room dividers or curtain rails with large flowing drapes would definitely contribute to the industrial vibe.

The use of cozy textures and fabrics will soften the appearance of the room and a platform for the bed with sheets and blankets that are monochrome in color: white, black and shades of grey, without any fussy frills and embellishments, will ensure the décor feels natural, simple and devoid of clutter.

You can add an element of style and eclectic design with reinvented industrial styled furniture to incorporate shape and lines into the chic, modern, elegant feel of your room. You can also add some vintage industrial art with earthy tones to create flashes of color or to complement some of the more subtle shades in your room to create a clean and fresh ambience which will provide the perfect place to unwind and rest at the end of the day.

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