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Stellar Space Decor

Space decor has evolved from glowing stars in your child's bedroom to fine artwork for any room in your home. Framed stellar space decor expresses individuality and sophistication when hung in homes and offices. Space art looks amazing when the right frame finish is chosen. If you choose to place stellar space art in your computer area or office, it evokes a sense of ingenuity and edification. If placed in the living room, stellar space flaunts your style and uniqueness to your guests.

Ideal frame finishes for stellar space decor ranges from dark black and browns to light silvers and golds. You should choose the frame finish based on the colors that the artwork provides. If there are a lot of light colors and silvers, you may want to choose a frame finish that is silver or a natural colored frame. Choosing black or other dark finishes for the light colored pieces may overpower the art print rather than compliment it.

Stellar Space Framed Decor

Space Colors

When shopping for stellar space art, keep in mind the colors that are already in the room. Framed black and white stellar space art is simplistic yet beautiful and a perfect edition to rooms that have grayscale colors. Black and white colors in stellar space art will often give the room a minimalistic and modern feel and look. The best finishes for black and white art generally tend to be black or white finishes. Depending on colors in the room, other colors tend to seem out of place. When giving black and white stellar space art as a gift keep in mind that it does not showcase the beautiful colors of outer space. This type of art makes great gifts for people who love the shapes and patterns seen in outer space rather than people who love it for the colors.

Sometimes you need a little more color in stellar space art to give it the proper effect in the room. Stellar space fine art with a little more color instantly adds a pop to the space. Hanging artwork of an explosive blue and orange nebula can be amazing in a room with minor accenting blue or golden hues. Be wary of contrasting color schemes. While orange and blue make a good contrast for accent colors, utilizing them too much may be overwhelming.

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Photography vs. Blueprints

There are many benefits to each type of stellar space art that you can use in your home. Celestial Maps can be used in a room to bring out a more scientific and educational vibe. Adding star charts or blueprints to a room's decor can also enhance the energy in the room. People generally associate celestial maps with creation and discovery which can reenforce a greater work ethic and creativity. Framed stellar space art shows more individuality than many other art subjects. You can display your specific interests while also creating a new feel for your room.

Space photographs are better used in a more easy-going layout. Since photography can come in a multitude of colors and patterns, it is generally more versatile than celestial maps which generally have a vintage style. If you want to evoke a more relaxing atmosphere in the room, photography can pull attention to your individual interest while not being too showy. It is best suited for rooms where you'll entertain guests, such as the living room or family room, since it can be used to emphasize the feel of the room rather than to be a focal point.

Though there is no exact science to decide whether to use celestial maps or space photos, there are a few guidelines that you can follow to complete a room's look and feel. Generally, though, your choice of stellar space art should be based on the color schemes you choose and your individual preferences.

Framed Stellar Space Artwork
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