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Mid-Century Modern Decor

Mid-Century Modern Decor

The middle twentieth century brought with it an iconic design and style all to its own. The world was growing at a fantastic rate and America was leading the way with bold designs and large patters that would forever change the landscape of design and style. But unlike other times in history, this style has endured and endeared our hearts and minds, unlike some of the styles from the 1980's which many would just assume forget, the mid-century styles and textures are on the comeback, and gaining in resurgent popularity. Lets have a look at the reemergence.


Mid-Centry Modern patterns were in style in the mid century, and that is evident in the art and cultural references both bold and extreme they set the tone for a room, and a decor. Bold circles, squares and stripes were the trend often they were paired against strong solid colors, or brick, in a bold contrast to the pattern design. In decorating your place today, a great pattern piece of art from Diane Stimson with her "Lattice 4" is an example of the bold and stylish patterns of the time.

Timeless pieces from Erica Vess, in her "Bullseye II" and "Forest Motif III" shows how circles have provided a bold statement from a simple pattern with the muted colors, the flat brown paint on the canvas is iconic of the mid century art and style. These bold patterns will fit in to your current style and theme in the twenty first century, as the old becomes the new once again.

Some modern places have brick interiors and in contrast to that pattern a circle pattern, retro bold from the mid century, such work from Savely the "Petals II" would be a grand contrast to the brick interior wall, or Design Pics' "Dots II" would stand out in modern contrast to any brick facade.

As you decide to decorate, you can find many bold and contrasting patterns to go against your new design elements. Searching for the right pick is easy, and make sure that the frame compliments your Mid-Century Modern Decor.

Framed Mid-Century Modern Art
Chrysler Building on Black
Balance VI
Love In Pieces
Greenhouse Leaves
Brown And Soft II
Break On Through No. 2
MCM Typewriter
Charisma I
Mid-Century House #2 - T-Bird White Dog


Mid century colors are all about neutral colors and cool blends of colors. They are muted in comparison to the actual designs that are bold and exploding. Tans and browns with blues and warm reds help make the mid century color schemes a warm and inviting time.

In matching a color scheme with a mid century art piece. In today's bold color choices many folks are painting there rooms with bold color choices, such as deep reds or deep burgundy’s and a great accent piece would be from Bill Mead and his "1957 #6" this inspired piece will perfectly accent your deep and rich color choices on the wall. You can make a statement with a series of Bill Mead's such as "1957 #5, or #4" when paired together they will make the room explode with boldness and put that exclamation point on the design.

Many a room is painted in deep blue too these days, and pairing these rooms with accenting canvas art in the bold mid century tradition will be a bold statement to your design acumen, with one from Color Bakery, their "Moroccan Blues II" you can show how blue you are with this bold pattern and wonderful design, and get a glimpse into the mid century in today modern age.

These mid century colors will explode when paired with a sold wood frame of similar color to the other furniture in the space.

Mid-Century Modern Art Decor

Large Art

Oversized mid century art is a bold statement in a room where there would otherwise not be, it can make a room shine with a one piece art work, drawing all eyes to the piece in contrast to the rest of the room, the piece can either be a bold contrast, or blend and tie the whole room together, either way you choose a big bold mid century piece of art is sure to win.

Larger pieces will make the room feel larger, so if you have a small space, and you want to make that space seem lager, accenting it with a single piece of large mid century wall art will achieve this goal. With such pieces as "Empowerment 1" from Mary Calkins this oversized framed art will send a bold statement about your taste and decorating ability to all that are lucky enough to see it, and who will not see it, since it is oversized.

Or try "Windthread I" by Hilario Gutierrez, this oversized piece will be an eye catcher. This amazing pattern is bold and mesmerizing and you will find yourself staring at it. The hardest part will be choosing where to put this oversized piece of wall art, over the couch, over your bed, the choice once made will be a welcome addition to that space.

When choosing an oversized mid century piece of wall art, make sure that you find a piece that will be bold and eye catching, and make sure that you have the right frame to tie it all in together.

Mid Century Decor Ideas Video
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