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Framed Southwest Art Decor

Southwestern Decor

The southwestern United States conjures up images of wide open spaces and glorious views, and it does, but there are many contrasts and changes to the land that you would not believe in your wildest dreams, the land has deserts, and mountain chains, it has forests and high plains, it experiences record setting heat, and blistering cold. You can get this all in the southwest, and you can get is all too in a decorating style that will suit your home or office to a tee. It is a relaxing style all its own and gives way to harmony. See more framed southwest art decor here.

Dining Room

Southwestern style is a wonderful addition to your dining room; you can add a warm color vase or some great southwest plants or flowers. Kathleen Denis "Red Hot Chili Peppers II" is a wonderful piece with the chili coming off the canvas. You can match it with warm brown or tan paint on the walls to accent the richness of the pepper colors. R.C. Gorman's "Chili Fiesta" is a whimsical look at the southwest style motif that is both warm, and traditional.

Dina Farris Appel's "Aloe and Chilis" is a lovely piece of art as you can imagine looking out over the vast and wonderful terrain that symbolizes the southwest. You can find many choices of frames for this piece that will fit any decor and paint scheme. "Desert Twilight II" from Chariklia Zarris will make your meal feel as though you were dining alfresco even in the coldest time of the year.

When you are looking for a great way to decorate your dining area the southwest is a great choice you can choose from many unique and wonderful plants and scenes that are unique to this wonderful place on the plant.

Framed Southwestern Art
Falling Feather
Boot Bouquet
Succulent Love
Succulent Garden Watercolor II
Welcome to the Wild West
Agave 1
Breaking Dawn Indian War Horse
Southwest Art
Cowboy Boots
Texas Longhorns

Bold Patterns

Southwestern style is bold and beautiful, its patterns are sharp and rough and stand out against the deep blue sky's that are typical in those parts. The cactus, one of natures most iconic of plants native to this region. Lantern Press' "Arizona Cactus Scene" shows its bold pattern against the sky and mountains. The agave plant is a bold sight in the desert landscape, Jill Barton's "Agave Flower" is a bold pattern flower that will explode with color off your wall, its patters are mesmerizing and draw you in.

"Southwest Pottery I" by Chariklia Zarris is bold in its texture and style. It has a complex color scheme and bold pattern. Like the southwest itself, this is a strong expression of the history and craftsmanship of the people who live and work in the southwest. Pottery art is good in any room, but a study or reading room would be a great place to hang a good art piece. Frame them with complimentary wood frames to tie the room together and make the style complete.

Renee Stramel has painted some wonderful art and a bold piece that she created "Lancaster Tile II", will bring a strong and bold statement to your decor.

Southwest Subjects

With the many and varied landscapes and terrains in the southwest there are many things that are iconic to the region, such as pottery, indigenous animals and furs, the desert scenes with its stark sand color interspersed with green plants that seem to magically grow in an inhospitable place.

Georgia O'Keeffe and her "Rams Skull with Brown Leaves" is art that shows the spirit of this rough and desolate place, in tough times nothing can survive, but the harking beauty of the skull and leaves is a reminder of how man has shared this stark landscape and made it home. Many of Georgia O'Keeffe's works center around this truly inspiring landscape and part of the world, as in "Another Church, Hernandez, New Mexico" blends the rich blue sky against the sand color of the church in the sunny landscape.

As you set out to design your next room or new house consider the southwester style in you decision process. It is timeless and genuine. It gives the feel of casual, but it can be bold and stylish and modern all in one. When you choose a bold sharp painting or print piece of art you can have a different style in every room while still staying with the southwest motif throughout the whole house.

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