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Large Art for Big Spaces and Rooms

Large Space Solutions

Large Living Rooms

Having a large home is great because it gives you plenty of room! But sometimes decorating and filling up that space can become an issue. When you have large rooms, they can be overwhelming and sometimes not feel very warm or homey. Look around your big living room right now and think about what it is missing. If your walls are bare, adding framed art is a solution! Before making any decisions, think about the following things:
     1. the amount of space for art
     2. the type of art that would go best with your decor
     3. the colors in the art that match your home

Suggested Large Space Solutions Art
Hydrangeas in Mason Jars
Asheville NC Blue Ridge Mountains Sunset and Fog Landscape
American Tailgating
Wyre Forest 3
Valley Views
Manhattan Bridge Aura
Steamboat Barn
Break On Through No. 2
Water Adventure
Beach in Maui, Hawaii, at sunset

Large Bedrooms

Do you have a large bedroom that somehow doesn't feel like it's complete? By adding the right piece of art you can give your large bedroom the perfect finished look. Before searching for art, ask yourself: What subjects do I like? flowers, animals, landscapes, jungle themes, culture portrayals? Then ask - What style do I want? Minimalist, abstract, modern, traditional or classical? Once you have determined the style and subject then consider what size piece you will need for the space and any color choices. If you don't want to choose one large bold framed piece, you can always look for series. There are many artists that offer works that are a series and look lovely hanging together on a wall.

Large Dining Rooms

Homeowners with a large dining room often use it for family gatherings and want it to look its absolute best. One way to do that is by having the perfect piece of art that will change the whole appearance of a room. A lot of times, you will see homes that display paintings that revolve around food in a dining room or the infamous "Last Supper". But don't feel like you have to stick with popular choices. Consider the type of furniture you have and the colors you have chosen for your large dining room and work from there because you want your artwork to stand out, but not be in total contrast to the rest of the room. Since you have a large space, try to choose something large to fit it.

Large Art Decor Ideas Video
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