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Framed Earthy Chic Art

Earthy Chic Art is a sophisticated style of art with a muted color palette of earth tones that creates a sense of calmness and serenity. Many of the images in this collection were inspired by scientific renderings and studies of flora, fauna, birds, and other wildlife, making the artwork appropriate for many spaces in a home or office. The style often includes light or white backgrounds, which combined with the detailed images of all things natural, can help to lighten up a dark room or small space and bring the feeling of the outdoors inside. In winter months, having the greenery of this lush style on your walls can help to ward off those winter blues and remind you of the beauty returning come spring.

Earthy Chic Decor

Busy Walls

Decorating with small prints of plants or animals on a shelf, desk, or mantel is a great way to add a simplistic touch of style to a room. Small frames in natural wood tones can be arranged with potted plants to create a decorated shelf or mantle for an avid gardener or flower enthusiast. Pairing prints of small birds or trees with a decorative birdcage adds an interesting touch for a bird watcher and is a popular decorative style for homes with a feminine look and feel as well. For the more studious type, a display of vintage books on nature and animals with a scientific drawing might be the way to go. Together, these small arrangements can make a big impact in your space, with the natural elements represented in the art complementing the other decorative items on your shelf or mantle and creating a cohesive look that really brings the outdoors in. For a more contemporary space and shelf design, you might want to consider tree photography or digital art that includes leaf impressions or a touch of bright green or orange coloring to really make your new display stand out. Whether your style is more contemporary or traditional, the framed earthy chic art style and color palette give you plenty of options for adding art from this new trend.

Earthy Chic Decor Ideas Video
Framed Earthy Chic Art
Pileated Woodpecker
Mixed Greens LV
Eucalyptus Vase Spice II
Heron II
Contemporary Leaves I
Fine Birch I
Leaf Study I
Indigo Ferns II
Butterflies & Leaves II
Botanical Study IV Gold Navy
Greenhouse Leaves
Fresh Leaves I


Art with an earthy feel and natural elements is a great choice when decorating a home office or study. As an often neglected or out of date room in the home, the office is a place where chic art can create a coveted space, leading to inspirational ideas and better productivity. Bird art by Audubon or vintage images of flowers, plants and other animals are a great choice when decorating an office or study. These fine art prints all help to bring the outdoors in when you're stuck behind a desk and unable to get out and explore on your own.

For scientists or intellectuals looking to decorate an office, scientific renderings of plants, animals and birds are both chic and practical decor choices. These items can be finished in a variety of wood frames to either match or offer an interesting contract to other decor items in the space, and there's a vast selection of subjects and styles of art to choose from in this collection.

Once you've chosen the featured art pieces for your office space, additional prints of patterns and leaf impressions in brown, green, gold and yellow are also great for bringing the look together. With your new office space complete, you're ready to get back to work!

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Earthy Chic Art Decor

Earthy Chic Reading Nooks

Any avid reader will agree that having a quiet space to unwind and read a book is a must have in the home. While the main living areas are meant to enjoy family and friends, the reading nook offers a place to enjoy a good book in solitude and should be decorated in a way that promotes relaxation and contemplation. Earthy chic art is a perfect decorating style for this space, adding soft colors, inspirational subject matter and a peaceful feel that encourages one to just sit and relax for a while. For animal lovers and those that read about their many adventures, drawings of birds, elk and other creatures can create the feel of an animal sanctuary that reminds the viewer of the many characters in their books. For a more modern view on a traditional subject matter, X-ray images of leaves, flowers and trees offer colorful, yet subtle, wall decor for your reading space. Once you've selected your artwork, adding an oversized chair with fabric in a warm, earthy tone or a lamp with a vintage shade will complete this look and make it ready for curling up with your favorite book and getting lost in the dreamy space that you created.

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