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Framed Cabin Fever Decor

Cabin Fever Decor

With its emphasis on natural materials, adding cabin fever to your home is a change that can be done with nearly any base decor. Careful selection will allow the ambiance of a cabin in the woods to be an element in your home in any season. This style is best in an area that already has lots of wood and other natural materials, but can be hinted at even in a more-modern setting. A fireplace is a help, of course; this is a very traditional part of the cabin feel. Even a faux-fireplace and mantle will add to the sense that you are in a cabin. Warm earth tones are a big part of this, as well as adding themed animal and accents will turn up the heat on your cabin fever!

Framed Cabin Fever Symbol Decor

The size of the symbols, in comparison to the other elements of the room is a consideration as well. Cabins are traditionally pictured as having one (at most two) large focal points, and then other elements support them. This allows you to select the symbols that support the feel of the room, opening a way to shift them with the changing seasons and moods. Certain symbols will be more appreciated if they are harmonized with the overall theme, or can serve as the accent to set the entire tone of a space. A leafy symbol may be an accent in the spring, brought into a larger focus during the summer and early fall, then a shift to frost-covered trees will keep the shifting seasons without a change in the overall symbol.

And don't limit yourself to just silhouettes: there are many wonderful pieces of colourful artwork that will bring the feel of a cabin and the outdoors to you. A piece, featuring your theme colours and animals can be a great starting point, and will bring all of the elements together. This is an important consideration if you are working in a modern space. The elements in the artwork can radiate outwards, and give a unified cabin-feel to the whole area.

Framed Cabin Fever Art
Blue Cliff Mountains scene I-Bear
Quiet Evening I Summer
Buffalo Check Deer Neutral I
Born to Roam III
Cabin By The Lake
Elk Bugleing
The Mountains are Calling
Lakeside Retreat IV
Moose Lodge
Oars Near the Shore
Storm Caller

Framed Cabin Fever Animal Decor

Thinking of your local area and personal history will help you decide on the animals and other symbols you would like to incorporate into your personal cabin fever decor. Many native people have their own meanings and associations with animals; use this to your advantage! The bear, a symbol of strength and confidence, could be accented by a fire-hued bowl. There are many animals to choose: from the shy but graceful deer, through the wolf showing freedom and its own unique elegance, to the wisdom and watchfulness of owls.

And don't forget other symbols that are less-common, but still fit the cabin fever feel. A barnwood-framed grouping of sparrows, or the mellow hues of a rainbow trout can bring a new feel to a space. Framed with naturally coloured materials, these could easily become beloved focal points for a space. All of these can be used to support your main theme: the fox may provide the main theme for a space, but the colours of its coat can be picked up by hummingbirds, or by a robin, or even in a woven rug to bring the cabin fever to a focal area.

Seasonal Framed Cabin Fever Decor

A huge advantage to having a cabin fever decor is the ability to let it change with the seasons. A few pieces, keeping all of the elements together, will unify the space over time, and free you to change with the shifting seasons. A change of artwork, and a few different accents can bring this feeling into your cabin fever space.

Softer colours suit the early spring well: take advantage of this by bringing out smaller, younger versions of your symbols. A picture of a deer fawn and family will bring the feel of spring inside. And a winter scene, featuring a cardinal on a branch is a very traditional, yet well-loved symbol of the colder season for a cabin fever look. Saving the richer palette for the late-summer season, you have the full range of colours, flowers, and mature animals available. Fall colours are a favourite with many artists; you will have a large selection to help create the cabin feel during this season. And the traditional wintertime decorations of trees, greens, and pinecones, are a natural match with a cabin fever decor.

Bringing cabin fever to your home can be a rewarding basis for an ever-changing selection of nature and seasonal themes, while still keeping the warm, familiar feel of a place that can endure.

Cabin Fever Decor Ideas Video
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