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Custom Framed Mirrors

Framed Mirrors Decorating Ideas
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Standard Size Wall Mirrors

All of our framed mirrors are available in 6 standard sizes. Ranging from 16" x 20" to 30" x 40", FramedArt.com carries a variety of standard sized mirrors to fit your decorative framed mirror needs.

16x20 Custom Framed Mirror 20x24 Custom Framed Mirror 22x26 Custom Framed Mirror 24x30 Custom Framed Mirror 24x36 Custom Framed Mirror 30x40 Custom Framed Mirror
16" x 20" 20" x 24" 22" x 26" 24" x 30" 24" x 36" 30" x 40"

Custom Framed Mirrors

When viewing an individual framed mirror, you can select the "Create Custom Size Mirror" option to get the perfect size for your space. Whether you're looking for a bathroom mirror, a mantelpiece mirror, or even an entry mirror, you can get the exact height and width that you need to fit your room. Need help figuring out exactly what size you need? Our customer service representatives can help you with all of your custom mirror needs.

Choosing Your Mirror Orientation

Each framed mirror comes equipped with hardware on the back based on your orientation selection. For example, if you're looking for a tall mirror for your bathroom, select the "Tall" option. If you need a dining room mirror for over a buffet table, you will probably want to select the "Wide" option.

Choosing Your Wall Mirror Orientation

Choosing Framed Mirror Glass

FramedArt.com offers two different mirror glass options, beveled and standard. Standard mirror glass is available online for both custom and standard sized mirrors. The beveled mirror glass option is available for all standard sizes online and by request for custom sizes.

Choosing Framed Mirror Glass

Need help selecting a wall mirror?

At FramedArt.com, we pride ourselves on our outstanding decorative mirror customer service.

If you would like to make a custom framed mirror or have any concerns, questions, or comments on our wall mirrors, please feel free to reach out to one of our custom framed mirror experts at 800-418-2166 . We are available 9AM - 6PM EST Monday through Friday.

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