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Gift Ideas for Him

When it comes to buying gifts for that special guy, be it your Dad, son, brother or whomever, there are some simple rules, don't get him something he won't use or enjoy. Men and their tastes run the gamut, and finding that perfect gift can be challenging to say the very least. But one thing is for sure, if you stick to his likes and passions, you are sure to win.

Gift Ideas for Him

Art Gift Ideas for Men

Men enjoy art that is relevant and adds to their special space. It may look as though their special space, be it man cave or garage, has no meaning or design, but that could not be further from the truth. The subtlety of the space is what makes it unique. Study it before you choose which piece of art fits in, because this is where the individual style shows through. You must look at the finish of the room, its style. Is your man into cars, or sports, music or art. Matching a frame on a piece of art with the shades of the room will make the gift personal to him and his special space. But in choosing make sure the finish is manly and has a bold and stated taste, to match his personality. Deep rich wood finishes and certainly black will accent any man cave or work space while keeping to the overall tone.

If He Loves Music:

Music art is a super way to accent a mans space, most men are passionate about their music choices and often display that love in works of art or pictures that he has from bands or artists that are autographed, so when you find that perfect painting, look at the space and see what will fit with his music style and theme. Music art can be both subtle and inspiring, maybe the guitar is his favorite instrument; you can make that your central theme. See more music gifts for him!

Music Art
Rat Pack
Little Pianist
The Pianist
National Anthem I
Harlequin Musician, 1924
Spin Me Round
Music On, World Off Headphones Black Background
Music Is Life
Music, c.1895
Elvis Presley
Abstract Sax - mini

If He Love Sports:

Some men are really into modern sports and finding a piece of art that reflects his true passion for the modern sport of his choice is an easy thing to accomplish, if he is into football, you can choose a framed piece that will match his decor and blend seamlessly into his collection. Or if boxing is his thing a framed piece of the icon Muhammad Ali will bring a well appointed zing to his space, but be sure you have the right frame to match the others in the room, to make it work. See more framed sports gifts!

Sports Art
Augusta on the 12th hole
The Tennis Pro
Grand Prix Monaco 30 Mai 1965
Pebble Beach Golf Course 8th Green Carmel CA
Baseball Glove
Ninth Holer Par
It's Not Whether You Get Knocked Down, It's Whether You Get Up -Vince Lombardi
Roberto Clemente
Gym Rat
Baseball Cover A
Vintage Sports VII

If He Loves To Hunt:


Timeless sport is a great choice too, such as hunting, a sport that has been a tradition in many families for generations, with tips and stories passed down. A solid piece of art within the hunting realm will make your man happy and proud to show off his art and his special space to all his friends and fellow hunters, the frame should be a good hearty wood, to match the out door feel of the sport. See more framed hunting posters!

Hunting Art
July, 1941
Duck Hunters
Hunting Trophies, 1862
Hunt Club
Hunt in the Park in Fountainbleau
October, 1940
Stiff Tails Ruddy Ducks
Duck Decoy
Turkey Hunt
Ducks Flying
Duck Sign II - petite

Gift Ideas for Him
Golfing Art
Free Golf
St Andrews
The 1st Tee
Challenge - Golf
Azalea Hole Golf Course
Relax and Play
Golf ball
Folk Art Golf Putt Putt Inn
On the Fairway
Putt for Par
Golf Course Map-Augusta
Frustration - Golf Ball
Classic Car Art
Grand Prix of Monaco, 1956
Mercedes Benz
Grand Prix de Pau
Diners and Cars VI
1964 Ford Falcon
Sky View Drive-In
Cruisin' USA
Sunburst El Camino
1952 Cunningham
1967 GTO Classic Car
Diners and Cars VIII
Red Corvette
Baseball Art
Baseball Cover A
Yankee Boys
Just Get Better
Vintage Baseball
Roberto Clemente
Vintage Sports VII
Field of Dreams, Dyersville, Iowa
It's Hard to Beat a Person Who Never Gives Up -Babe Ruth
Baseball HOME
The Fear of Striking Out -Babe Ruth
Baseball Today
Fishing Art
Large Mouth Bass
Fishing Hooks 1
Casting Off
Less Talk More Fishing II-Fishing
The Lodge
Scouting The Hatch
Bethany Beach
Father and Son
The Abyss Fisher
Fishing in the Spring. Pont de Clichy, 1887
Hatteras Charters
Football Art
University Of Michigan Football Game, Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
Vintage Sports IV
Don't Run Away From Challenges - Football Sepia
Vintage Football (Sepia)
Goals - Football Action
Good Things Come to Those Who Wait
Vintage Leather IV
Philadelphia Eagles NFL Football Veterans Stadium Philadelphia PA
Joe Greene - Close up on sidelines
It's Not Whether You Get Knocked Down, It's Whether You Get Up -Vince Lombardi
Football X-Ray
Sports Car Art
No. 118 Porsche 356
1962 AC Cobra Shelby
Grand Prix Automobile Nimes
Drive-Race Car
The Need for Speed
Prix Automobile Monaco 1935
Sunday Drivers
Ferrari 355 Gts-Gtb
Birth of a Dream
Red Corvette
1968 Ford Mustang Shelby Front
Desert Run
Basketball Art
Expect Great Things
Make It Happen
Basketball Court Chalkboard Background
NBA Finals Bulls vs Suns, Chicago Stadium
Basket Ball Player 1
Basketball is a Way of Life
Grunge Sporting I
Oh, Yeah
Basketball X-Ray
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