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Gift Ideas for Boys

Shopping for boys is fun and exciting, as well as challenging. Boys are into one thing one day, and something else another, and their tastes can change in a split second as their interests and talents grow. You should always keep a sharp eye on your little man to see what is piquing his attention and shop accordingly. Boys are difficult sometimes because their minds are always racing and looking for the new and fun adventure to move to.

Framed Gifts For Boys

Art Gift Ideas for Boys

Choosing a gift to fit the boy is as complex and important a choice. When choosing art is is very important to consider both the boy, and his living space. Choose colors that accent what he already has, and it will fit seamlessly into his room. Don't rule out choosing a piece that can contrast with the current style of the room either, as a bold and stand out piece of art can add much needed pop and break to an otherwise common room. If looking for a blending piece make sure the print is the same or similar hue of the wall or furniture itself, such as a light blue print on canvas to meet with a soft blue color of the wall. Or a rich cherry wood. However, if you are going with a contrast, you could choose a bold yellow print on canvas against a deep blue colored wall, with a black frame to match the furniture.

If Dinosaurs Fascinate Him :

Choose timeless subjects like dinosaurs, with classic color patterns and solid wood frames you can find just about any decor will be enhanced with a piece that can stand up to the test of time and stay up all year. Even if the room changes over time, the artwork will fit with any new change that is made. Dinosaurs could be in color or in black and white depending on the overall theme of the room, and when tastefully done will not overpower the room.See more dinosaur framed art!

Dinosaur Art
Eat More Pizza
Dinosaurs in 80's Jumpers
Dinosaur RAWR
Dinosaur Family 22
Rawr Dinosaur
The Ultimate Battle
Dinosaur Orange
Brachiosaurus Dinosaur
Wooly Mammoth and Sunset
Dino Collage
Prehistoric Playtime IV
T Rex Skeleton Collage

If Animals Fascinate Him:

Animals too, are a superb choice if you want to have something to stay up year round, if done right the piece can compliment the room while adding depth and texture, your young man will feel as though he is on a safari and searching for that great big cat or elusive elephant. Even fishing is a good topic that if he is interested in, you can put up for year round pleasure, perhaps he enjoys fishing with his father or grandfather, the big one that did not get away, will be hanging on his wall for years to come. See more animal gifts for kids!

For the Animal Lover
Cuddly Fox
Grow Strong
Two Bears
Be Fierce
Little Explorer
Jungle Fun II
3D Movie
Animal Spots XI
Teddy Bear Storytime
Hedgehog in Glasses

If He Loves Boats and Cars:


Boys and their love affairs with cars and boats are surely no big secret. Finding a timeless piece of wall art that your son can have up year round is easy with classic cars or sail boats, a fine classic car with chrome bumpers and shiny black or brilliant red paint will last forever and become a treasure. Or a sailboat with all its masts flying a testament to man and his love for the sea. See more framed kids car art!

For the Car Enthusiast
1968 Mustang Classic Car
Grand Prix
Iconic NYC III
Bright Multi Taxis
Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix
Red Mini Cooper
Shelby Cobra
Toy Cars
Speed Racer
Ferrari F512 Rear
Green Bug
Street Scene

If He Loves Outer Space:


We say that space is the final frontier, but in a boys world it is the next big world to dream about and explore, and giving him the gift of space art, can inspire him to great heights and endure the test of time, he will want to keep this piece of art with him at all times and in all ways. Make the art match is room will fill his heart and mind with the thoughts of space every time he come home. See more framed space art!

For the Space Cadet
Kids Alien
Out of This World
Kickflip In Space
Space Alphabet
Dream Big Rocket
The Earth seen from Apollo 17
A Solar System
Journey to the Moon
Space Patrol 2
Saturn's Rings
Solar System

Gift Ideas for Kids
For the Baseball Enthusiast
LOVE Baseball
Kids Sports Baseball
Eat Sleep Play Baseball
Take Me Out To The Ballgame
Baseball & Glove
Sports Lovers II Red v2
On the Field III Go Champs
Ambition - Baseball Player
Baseball Words
For the B-Ball Player
Basketball Court Chalkboard Background
Kids Sports Basketball
Gear Up Basketball
On the Field II Score
Nothin but net
Play Ball IV
Lets Play 2
Basketball is a Way of Life
All Star Sports IV
Compete With What You're Capable Of
For the Football Aficionado
Sports Epigram II
Football IV
Eat Sleep Play Football - Blue Part III
Eat Sleep Play Football
Kids Sports Football
Franco Immaculate Reception
Gear Up Football
Football Close-ups - Shoulder Pads
Play Ball II
It's Not Whether You Get Knocked Down, It's Whether You Get Up -Vince Lombardi
Goals - Football Action
For the Pint-Sized Pirate
Sailing Along
Roam 1 White
Pirate Map
Yellow Labrador Pirate
Pirate Boy
How a Pirate Ship Works
Ahoy Matey I
Pirate Ship
Robo Pirates CMYK
Pirate Must Eat
Polka Dot Pirate
For the Little Engineer
Boris Box Art Robot
Urban Robot Color
Take me to your Leader IV
Robot Cat
Robot Boy 2
Robot - Stripes
Take me to your Leader III
Robot With Red Balloon
Robot City
Kids Robot
Crazy Robot Friends
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