Month: February 2019

Behind the Frame: Eugene Delacroix

This week we go behind the frame with Eugene Delacroix, a French painter with a flair for the dramatic. Eugene Delacroix prints often contain bold brushstrokes and wild and untamed subjects. A classic painter of the Romantic era, Delacroix used color and contrast to bring images of the “exotic other” to life. Read more to discover how Delacroix’s travels had an impact on his art, and which of his paintings remain the most evocative today.

Eugene Delacroix

Passionate Bedroom Art

Valentines Day has come and gone… but the romance doesn’t have to stop here. Passionate bedroom decor keeps the love alive all year round. If you’re looking for ways to spark fiery feelings in the bedroom, browse this post for great sultry framed art. Whether you prefer a modern, bold, or classical decoration style, there are plenty of great pieces to choose from! Take the momentum gathered from your Valentines Day festivities and keep the passionate feelings going…

Passionate Bedroom Art

The Romance and Class of Wine Art

‘Tis the season of love and romance… and wine. Wine, its ingredients, and its common pairings remain a symbol of high class and luxury. This is true in physical, consumable form, but also in art form as well. This history and tradition of wine is as rich as its taste. We’ll dive into the story of wine’s rise as an icon of worldwide culture. You can dive into our extensive stores of wine art… and a glass of the good stuff, if you choose.

Wine Art