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Passionate Bedroom

Passionate Bedroom

The bedroom is not only a place to rest your tired head at night, but a place for love and romance to take place. There are many color schemes and color tastes that can have a passionate connotation, but ones that come to mind right away are purples and deep reds - colors that evoke love and the romantic side of life. These colors are deep and rich like a fine red wine or a rose. When you are looking for bedroom design ideas, keep these in mind as they will help to set the mood and make your bedroom a sanctuary that both you and your spouse can enjoy together.


Modern art is a great way to decorate your passionate bedroom with sophisticated style. An artist like Alfred Gockel has an excellent assortment of images that will inspire love and romance using his signature modern and abstract painting techniques. These images represent the love between two people in an inspiring and artful way - using bright colors and a bold style that will stand out in your passionate bedroom.

Many of the art pieces available for a passionate bedroom in a modern style would include the colors of black, red, white and purple. If you have black furniture, you might consider white walls with artwork in black and red. "China Red I" is a floral print from Color Bakery that really captures the spirit of a passionate bedroom and works great in this style. You might also consider having a colored accent wall in your room. On a red accent wall, "Modern Couple in New York" by Ruane Manning will inspire romance and closeness with your partner, something that every passionate bedroom needs. If a rich, deep purple suits your design tastes better, "Petunia" by Georgia O'Keeffe is a great choice for hanging over the headboard in your room.

Framed Passionate Bedroom Art
The Kiss, c.1908 (detail)
Moonlight & Roses
Time To Love
Sacred Bond
An Evening Out Neutral Cop
Passionate Poppies 2
Parfum de Roses I
Romantic Paris III Red Umbrella
Vintage Ephemera Large Poppy
Red Rose Bloom


If you want to evoke passion in your bedroom but the bright colors are a little too much for you, there are ways to have a decorative passionate bedroom in more subtle color schemes. In a cream colored bedroom, you might try a Vettriano piece over the bed, like "Dance Me to the End of Love". This image of a couple dancing can remind you of special times with your partner, something that we tend to forget when busy with everyday life.

If you prefer a darker color palette for your decorative bedroom, you might try pattern or floral art on a dark background to hang over the bed. A white mat will help the art to pop, and a dark brown or black frame can help the art to blend with the rest of your furniture and accent items. This style of passionate bedroom feels elegant and expensive, but you don't have to spend a lot of money. Choose the artwork and accent items that speak the most to you and then add additional accent pieces as your budget allows.


Words on walls are not just for the kids, your passionate bedroom can display word art that reminds you and your partner of your love and commitment as you wake up each morning and go to bed each night. "Two Hearts" by Sheldon Lewis is a great piece of word art to go in a modern passionate bedroom and could be added to a room with bold style and the bright red and black color scheme that was detailed earlier. Color Bakery also offers a great selection of word art for the passionate bedroom in a black and gold color scheme with red accents.

If softer colors are more your style, the "Paris Love" series by Melody Hogan would probably speak your language for decorating in your passionate bedroom. This series is pink and white, making it perfect for a cream or white colored room with other pastel bedding and accents. The art is romantic and sweet, evoking similar feelings to a vacation in Paris with the one you love. In white or silver frames, these pieces are sure to add the romantic feel that you're looking to achieve in a passionate bedroom.

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