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Alfred Gockel Art

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Alfred Alexander Gockel (Born 1952) is a German fine art artist famed for his art that’s characterized with vibrant color and an abstract touch. He possesses a great style that involves displaying his subjects using thick dark brushes on white canvas. Gockel started painting at a very young age, getting his first art published at the age of 8. He had a dream of becoming an engineer, but things didn’t work out his way so he joined the German mining industry at the age of 16 years to work. Unfortunately, jobs at the mining later ended, leading him to a hardship that still features in his artwork. Gockel states that through his art, he communicates his past struggles, although in a positive way. He graduated in 1977 from the Polytechnic Institute in Munster, where his studied advertising, graphic design, and typography. Gockel worked in the commercial market for some time before settling down to create his art full time. He later got married and together with his wife Ingrid, they started Avant Art, through which they sold a lot of abstract art. Through the company, they sold thousands of art pieces to customers spread across 50 countries. Gockel’s life story is an inspiration. From a person of lowly means, he has grown to become one of the world's most high profile art producers and distributors. Besides selling his works in millions, they are also collected in several studios, galleries. Collectors of his work include Michael Jordan, Christie Kerr, Abram Abramovich, and Andy Roddick. Gockel is reputed for having created the 2006 Olympics' official artwork for the US Olympic committee. Many of his works have also been licensed to different companies for the production of home products.
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