Month: March 2021

Wanderlust Art – Exploring the Globe with Inspiring Framed Art

Defined as a strong desire to travel and explore the world, wanderlust is a sensation that is more than just a passing curiosity. But rather, it’s more like a motivating force that drives and inspires one to seek adventure and discover new places. It comes from the German words wandern (‘to hike’) and lust (‘desire’). And literally means the love of hiking. But generally describes an intense feeling or inner longing to journey to places unknown and new.

The feeling of wanderlust has perhaps never been so commonly felt as it is in today’s world. While travel bans have been enforced and staying at home as well as practicing social distancing has become the norm. Luckily, however, it’s still possible to keep your dreams of travel and adventure alive with inspiring framed art that captures the spirit of wanderlust! Read on to explore some creative and unique ways to express wanderlust through art in your home or space.