Month: April 2019

2019 Rohrer New Venture Competition & Expo: Event Recap was honored to be a part of the Rohrer New Venture Competition at Rowan University, and we’re ready to give a recap of this exciting event!

The Center for Entrepreneurship at Rowan hosts a variety of competitions and programs throughout the year. This gives student start-ups the opportunity to learn from other business owners, as well as a chance to earn seed money for their new venture!

The 2019 New Venture Competition and Expo was an enlightening event, shining a spotlight on the art and entrepreneurial ideas of budding business students. Scroll down for results and images from the competition!

Rowan University

National Decorating Month Part 2. The Bathroom

Bathrooms are often overlooked when it comes to decorating, and they definitely resent you for it. Even though your bathroom may not be a prominently featured area of your home, you spend a lot of time there. And if you’re honest, you spend a lot of time looking at the walls. If you ask, most people can tell you what was on the walls of their bathroom growing up. The images adorning bathroom walls can become etched in your brain, sometimes even subconsciously. It’s time to take bathroom decor seriously.

bathroom decor

National Decorating Month Part 1. The Entryway

Welcome to National Decorating Month! This month on the Gallery Tour Blog, we are highlighting different areas of your home. Each unique room and hallways deserves special attention when it comes to decorating the walls. We’re going to start with the very best place to start: the entryway!

entryway art