National Decorating Month Part 2. The Bathroom

Bathrooms are often overlooked when it comes to decorating, and they definitely resent you for it. Even though your bathroom may not be a prominently featured area of your home, you spend a lot of time there. And if you’re honest, you spend a lot of time looking at the walls. If you ask, most people can tell you what was on the walls of their bathroom growing up. The images adorning bathroom walls can become etched in your brain, sometimes even subconsciously. It’s time to take bathroom decor seriously.

bathroom decor

Bathroom Themes

Choose a theme for your bathroom decor and you automatically reign in your art options. When you think about bathroom themes, your mind probably wanders toward the ocean. Yeah, we get it. But there are so many other creative, fresh theme ideas to choose from.

  1. Colors. Instead of choosing a topic, choose a color scheme. Decorate the room with some pottery, textiles, and art with matching hues. Decorating by color gives the room a strong vibe without getting to concrete. From sunny yellows to subdued blues, color themes are easily matched when you shop framed art by color!
  2. Artist or Art Eras. One fun way to bring your bathroom decor together is by choosing one artist or style as a theme. Put some Wassily Kandinsky or Vincent Van Gogh influences into the room, and watch it become extraordinary!
  3. Locations. We all know the tendency to decorate based upon generic locations like “the beach” or “a farm,” but what if we got more specific. A trip to the bathroom could become quick trip to Paris, Mexico, or Australia with the right framed art!

bathroom decor

Tips and Tricks

When getting ready to decorate your bathroom, think about the following things to get in the right mindset:

What mood do you want the room to put you in? Do you want to feel elegant? At peace? Invigorated? Decide on the vibes you want to receive.

Think about your medium. Bathrooms don’t get as much sunlight, but they do get a lot of steam. This is when framed art comes in handy! Professionally framed photographs and prints will be able to withstand the temperature changes that happen during baths and showers. Wall hangings, on the other hand, may start to warp!

Location, location, location. Yes, we all know which room we’re in. But where in the room do we want to hang art? One of the best destinations for framed art is opposite the bathroom mirror. This way, you almost get two pieces of art for the price of one! It’s also nice to have some art visible from inside the bath or shower.

bathroom decor

Ready to take on your bathroom’s decor? You got this. Just keep these tips and tricks in mind, and get ready to transform your bathroom into a beautifully decorated retreat! Your family, as well as your guests, will thank you. (Even if they don’t ACTUALLY thank you!)