Month: August 2020

Dog Art: Teach Your Old Decor New Tricks

Once a year, we take to the blog to honor dogs with stunning dog art, and equally surprising dog stories! We hope you enjoy these creative depictions of man’s best friend. We’ll include the year’s best canine tales in between! Dog art and dog stories are a perfect way to say goodbye to the dog days of summer!

dog art

Colorful High Contrast Art for Every Room!

It’s time to get bold with colorful high contrast art! The stunning colors and brave brushstrokes of high contrast art brighten any room. We’re here to recommend new additions, room by room, for each area of your living space! Framed, abstract pieces fit any decoration style and color scheme, and we’ll prove it! Continue reading with a certain area in mind, or let us lead you, open-minded, through the many possibilities!

high contrast art

Space Art is the Perfect Escape

Space art is more than just a framed image; it’s like a staycation hanging on your wall! If you need a new perspective, consider investing in some stellar space decor! In recent years, the world of space art has exploded. Images of outer space extend way beyond the adhesive glow-in-the-dark stars on your child’s bedroom ceiling. We now possess stunning photographs straight from NASA, illuminating the vast expanse of our universe. Let’s gaze upon our universe, and take a break from everything terrestrial.

space art