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Colorful High Contrast Art

Colorful High Contrast Artwork brings whimsy and wonder to the walls, with abstract interpretations of nature, puzzling geometric patterns, and bold brushwork that inspires the imagination. The trend is all about bright and bold colors against a clean white background, and the most popular techniques include pen and ink, watercolor washes, and primitive block prints. Nothing is absolute, but these pieces make you stop and think. Was the artist merely cleaning her brushes or is there hidden meaning in the variations of line and tone? High contrast artwork is light, airy, and conducive to conversation. It's simple, yet elegant. Diptych and Triptych sets are quite popular in this category and play well across a range of applications.

Art Deco Style

High Contrast Art

High Contrast Art is well-suited for a wide range of spaces, including living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms. While color intensity may vary, the use of whitespace is a unifying theme. Bright and cheerful palettes are uplifting and playful, but limited palettes can deliver more energy and impact. Subtle splashes of color bring life to the walls. Use a Diptych or Triptych set to fill an ample space with ease or a single print for maximum impact.

Framed Colorful High Contrast Art
Retro Color Chart
If Happy Was a Landscape
Modern Glam II Vallarta Blue
Games of Children II
Colorful Palm Leaves III
Jewel Waterway I
Lines II
Bubble Babe I
Colorful Abstract I
Yellow and Blue Abstract Flowing Paint

High Contrast Patterns

The High Contrast Artwork category contains many whimsical patterns to bring a wee bit of order to the chaos of the day. Imagine kicking back on the couch or chilling out at the kitchen table with your favorite morning beverage. Doodle-like abstract patterns can put the mind at ease, whether you choose a palette that's warm or cool. Allow your eyes to wander about the repetitive geometry for a few moments and let the calmness flow.

Colorful High Contrast Art Decor

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