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Famous Classic Artists and Their Timeless Classical Art Pieces

Whether you know the definition of classical art or not, at one point, the names of Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent van Gogh, Michelangelo, Gustav Klimt might ring a bell. If not, not to worry; this post has you covered. These names pioneered some of the most outstanding artwork in the world. Frame art and famous art prints like “The Mona Lisa” and “The Kiss” remain integral pieces of essential classical art. But first, let’s understand what is meant by the term classical art.

Celebrating Paul Cézanne’s Post Impressionist Art

Picking the right piece of art for your home is a delicate process. You want to choose the perfect artwork to showcase your personal style while inviting viewers of the painting to consider the beautiful history behind its creation. With Paul Cézanne’s artwork, you’ll be showcasing a comforting, post-impressionist style in your home through Cézanne’s elegant and brightly-colored creations.
Framed art work, Hillside in Provence by Paul Cezanne

Six Artists to Showcase for Hispanic Heritage Month

Summer is drawing to a close and Autumn is nearly underway. This means that it is time for pumpkin spice lattes and oversized sweaters… and even more importantly, it is time to start thinking about how to celebrate Hispanic heritage month! September 15 – October 15 is a special time set aside to remember everything that Hispanic culture and history have given us. If you are wondering where to start, our framed art collection has your back. You can spruce up your decor for Fall and give your Hispanic heritage a well-deserved place in your home at the same time. Celebrate Hispanic heritage month by showcasing some of the greatest Hispanic artists of all time!

The Flower Vendor by Diego Rivera

Happy Birthday, Georgia O’Keeffe!

We’re really into celebrating birthdays around here… because we all need more to celebrate, right? This week, it’s Georgia O’Keeffe! Georgia O’Keeffe created one of the most beautiful and vibrant bodies of floral artwork we have. In her honor, we want to dedicate this blog post to Georgia O’Keeffe paintings, and the perfect flower pairings for them! The best way to round out the look and feel of a room is to grow a real, living organism that matches your framed wall art! Get excited. We’re excited.

Georgia O'Keeffe

Happy Birthday, Claude Monet!

Claude Monet remains the king of outdoor scenery. For his birthday, we wanted to dedicate a post to famous Claude Monet art. But we also wanted to fill this post with great ideas for outdoor activities before the weather takes a turn in many parts of the country! Enjoy this post of art-inspired outside activities! And don’t forget to consider some of the art featured in this post, since our fair-weathered days are numbered!

claude monet

National Art Day! …and a Pablo Picasso Secret

October 25th marks National Art Day! This year, we need some good things to celebrate. Art is one of them. But that’s not the only special event that takes place on October 25th. It’s also the birthday of Pablo Picasso! And as a special birthday treat, we’ll share the surprising secret behind Picasso‘s infamous Blue Period. You’re going to love it.

pablo picasso

Eugene Boudin, Happy Summer Birthday!

If you missed Eugene Boudin’s birthday on July 12th, don’t fret. He was actually born in 1824 and isn’t around to receive your birthday greetings! We’re still celebrating, though, because the French-born impressionist Eugene Boudin created art perfect for summer! Get ready for some sailboats, beach scenes, and some great gift ideas for someone in your life who is still around to have a birthday celebration!

eugene boudin

Michelangelo Art: Copying The Divine

Michelangelo art reflects the philosophy of Michelangelo himself. The Italian artist once said,

“The True work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection. Only God creates. The rest of us just copy.” – Michelangelo

Michelangelo Buonarroti was a painter, sculptor, poet and architect who showed us, and continues to show us, glimpses of the divine. We’ll explore some of our favorite Michelangelo Art with our very own Michelangelo Top 3!

Michelangelo art

Edouard Manet Art: Behind the Frame

Edouard Manet was a rebel. If you had been alive in the mid-1800’s, he would have been the boy your mom didn’t want you to hang out with. That’s exactly what made him such a great artist Manet was an upper-class Frenchman with a tendency to disregard the conventions of rich, and expose the world for what he believed it was… all through his art. Let’s get behind the frame and explore Edouard Manet art!

edouard manet art