2019 Rohrer New Venture Competition & Expo: Event Recap

FramedArt.com was honored to be a part of the Rohrer New Venture Competition at Rowan University, and we’re ready to give a recap of this exciting event!

The Center for Entrepreneurship at Rowan hosts a variety of competitions and programs throughout the year. This gives student start-ups the opportunity to learn from other business owners, as well as a chance to earn seed money for their new venture!

The 2019 New Venture Competition and Expo was an enlightening event, shining a spotlight on the art and entrepreneurial ideas of budding business students. Scroll down for results and images from the competition!

Rowan University

New Venture Competition

It all started with the New Venture Competition! In order to compete in the New Venture Competition, students submit their business ideas and participate in a series of workshops leading up to the competition. 29 companies applied and were been narrowed down to the final five who pitched to the panel in hopes of winning 1st place and $4,000 in seed funding.

The results were stunning! Here are the winners of the New Venture Competition Prizes:

First Place / $4,000:

Hauk Aeronautics

Second Place / $2,000:

Jacques Snacks

Third Place / $1,000:


 Intuit Education Best Projected Financials / $1,000:

Swift Office Solutions

Honorable Mention / $250: 

Swift Office Solutions

 Honorable Mention / $250: 

Audubon Painting

Rowan University

New Venture Expo

This year, the RCIE hosted its first ever New Venture Expo featuring 50 idea stage student startups. It was awesome to see all of these innovative presentations! Here are the winners of the first New Venture Expo:

Best in Show / $100 per student:

Jacques Snacks

People’s Choice / $75 per student:

Jabeco Auto School

Best Pitch / $50 per student:


Most Promising New Venture / $50 per student:

Dorm Life

Best Brand Identity / $50 per student:


Honorable Mention / Certificate: 


Honorable Mention / Certificate: 

Coffee Caravan

Rowan University

New Venture Art Expo

The New Venture Art Expo was taken on by students enrolled in Graphic Design 2. The typography developed for the series of posters was part of their ongoing study of the typographic form. Students were charged with creating a powerful and memorable message through their choice of typeface and color. 

(This year, FramedArt.com donated both printing and framing services for student artwork required for the Art portion of the competition.)

Here are the winners of the 2019 New Venture Art Expo!

First place / $300: 

Ben Vogt (Mosquito)

Second place / $200: 

Alexis Beaton (Burning Bridges)

Third place / $100: 

Cassidy Greene (Creativity in Shades of Blue)

Rowan University


Thank you for everyone who came out and supported the work of these amazing students! The event was a success, and we can’t wait to see what the next year holds!