Chinoiserie Wall Decor: Bringing Chinoiserie into Your Home

Chinoiserie is a classic decor style, based on European interpretations of traditional Chinese art and design. It first became popular during the early 18th century, when trade between the two continents began to flourish. Wealthy Europeans would import Eastern tapestry, art, and ceramics, using them to cultivate a unique, multi-cultural aesthetic in their homes. Today the style is popular across the globe. Chinoiserie can transform any room into a calming, serene space.

Characterized by floral and nature pattern motifs, with a bold earth tone palette, this style embraces the ornate. Decorating rooms with various adornments and accessories, with assorted patterns and tones, will create the layered detail that Chinoiserie calls for.  

chinoiserie wall art

Indigold XII by Lisa Audit

Bringing Chinoiserie into Your Home

Every part of a room must be styled to exemplify the ornate angle of Chinoiserie. Printed wallpapers or natural tone paints are a great foundation for any room. Vintage furniture with deep earthy stains is the ideal choice. Using ceramics with painted nature themes, like storage or accessories, is a classic choice. As with any decor theme, wall art can tie together your space and add the small finishing touches needed for a rounded Chinoiserie vibe. Common art themes are oriental plants like cherry blossoms, birds, water features, fish, as well as ceramics.

When styling a living room, we love emphasizing nature motifs. This Sweet Birds II piece adds timeless glamour to space, as well as a flair of drama with its stunning gold background color. Works like Winter Etude I or Traditional Koi Pond I also bring a classic look, and the motion in the pieces creates a feeling of life in your room.

Kitchens look clean and gorgeous when done in traditional blue and white colors, and ceramics are a great subject of wall art to bring this in. Our favorite, the Chinese Teapot I, ties together the utility and aesthetics of a kitchen space. The beautiful Chinoiserie II and V also use functionality as a muse for art.

Bedrooms thrive on the serenity Chinoiserie brings. Wall art that creates a calming feeling is perfect in these spaces. The Indigo Night Chinoiserie I highlights the beautiful stillness of nature at night. Our other bedroom favorites are the Wang Fu-Ink Bamboo and Cherry Blossoms on Cinnabar I.  


Chinoiserie Wall Art

Sweet Birds II by Jade Reynolds

It’s All About Color

Using earthy tones is essential to capturing the Chinoiserie aesthetic. Some of our favorite color combinations are emerald with gold, blue with white, and blush pink with brown.

For emerald and gold pieces, we adore the Golden Dragon and Beyond the Moon I. For blue and white, check out the Porcelain Hummingbird. Finally, for a blush pink and brown, try the Cherry Blossoms and Wild Roses or Lotus Flowers.

chinoiserie wall art

Golden Dragon by Joannoo

More is More

Chinoiserie was crafted by Europe’s most extravagant families, so lavishness is key. Consider styling your walls with a gallery of multiple pieces. Hanging the pieces to match the geometric patterns in the art, such as following similar curvatures, ties together the works and creates cohesion in your space.

Combining different themes in art is another way to fully utilize the essence of Chinoiserie. For example, using multiple animal pieces together, or various floral pieces can encapsulate the full spectrum of this style’s patterns. Because this style is ornate, it’s perfectly suited for wall art. The ability to mix and max multiple pieces creates the layered vibe Chinoiserie thrives in. Find your favorite colors and themes from Chinoiserie and combine pieces from each to create your perfect, inspired space.

Our wall art is the perfect place to shop for your next focal piece. To start transforming your space, browse our Chinoiserie collection today.