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Gift Ideas for Girls

Having a little girl is a wonderful thing, they are loving and caring, and fun to play with and be around, their love is unconditional. Buying for them can be fun as well as challenging, girls love their dolls and imaginary friends, but this can be hard to find when she has specific tastes and ideas in mind. Sometimes it turns on a fashion or movie, and her desires will shift. Keep that in mind as you venture out to find that perfect gift.

Framed Gifts for Girls

Art Gifts for Girls

Gifts of art can be personal touches that will last a lifetime, and finding that perfect piece that will fit her style and personality is key. If she has a favorite color, or shade, you should find that and incorporate it into your choice. Finding the right piece of art; be it canvas or print, it is important that you match that choice with the right frame, such as black, or wood grain. It should also match the room, if the room is rich in pink and other soft colors, then a wood grain would accent the room perfectly. Matching the frame to the furniture is critical too, so if there is white furniture, matching a frame of the perfect art, with the furniture will make the room seamless. If her room is bold and dark, then a good black frame with deep rich color canvas or print art will be perfect.

Art for Her Room:

If you choose a classic print or canvas piece of art, you girl can use it year round in her room. Some art is specific for an occasion, such as Christmas, or Halloween, but a good classic print with flowers or nature can become a focal point and accent her room with flare and substance. Again, matching the rooms color scheme or furniture to the frame is crucial to the overall feel of the room. See more framed girls' room art!

Girls' Room Art
Unicorn White
There is Magic
Mermaid Life II Pink/Purple
Rainbow Dream VIII
Lets Listen to Music II
A Bunch of Flowers II
Life Lessons Unicorn
Leave a LIttle Sparkle v1
Tribal Fox Girl II
Magical Friends IV
A Very Tall Cake

Girl's Word Art:

It goes without saying that most girls are very vocal. Being social is a fun and exciting way to express their love of art. Word art is fun colorful, and exciting. Word of wisdom can add a touch of class and inspire her daily to reach and achieve for her goals. A framed piece with flowers and words can make her room complete. It will be a place where she can relax and be at peace. See more word art for girls!

For the Inspirational Girl
Together We Rise
Dream Beautiful Dreams
Dream Bear
Love Hearts
Dream Big
Girl Power IV
Beautiful Dreams II
Rock Star 2
Live the Life You've Dreamed
No Boys Allowed Except Daddy
A Smile is the Prettiest
Heart Breaker

Gift Ideas for Him
For the Little Princess
Princess Etiquette
Once Upon a Time
Princess Flowers
Little Princess
The Princess And Unicorns
Rainbow Dream VIII
Invisible Crown - Pink
Ice Queen
Once Upon a Time
For the Animal Enthusiast
Grow Strong
Guinea Pigs In Glasses
Be Brilliant
Kid Giraffe
Take My Heart
Stay Wild My Child
Jungle Friends I
Polar King
Choose to Shine
Unicorn White
Skater Bunny
For the True Fairy Believers
A Little More Fairy Dust, Please
Tooth Fairy
Dusk Fairy
Map of Fairy Island
Fairy Fun
Fairy Princess
Magical Journey
Berry Bramble
The Green Fairy
Little Spring Fairy
For the Mermaid Believer
Mermaid Hair
Be Mermaids
Mermaid and Octopus Navy I
Mermaid Bathsalts
Mermaid Blonde Hair
Mermazing I
Sea Shells
Coastal Mermaid II
Make Waves I
Magical Mermaid III
For the Ballerina
Balletic Tune
Dance with Your Heart
Dream Dancer I
Pointe Shoes
Ballet V
Poster for the 'Saison Russe' at the Theatre du Chatelet, 1909
Ballerina Bear
Ballet Shoes En Pointe Pink Watercolor Part III
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